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  1. I'm looking for a toddler pattern for a summer dress made from cotton thread instead of yarn. As I think it is too hot for summer. The size I'm looking for would be from 2 to 4 or 5. I've seen some patterns made with yarn, but I wouldn't have clue as to how to switch that pattern from yarn to thread. Just something light and cute for my baby girls for summer, as I have two little girly girls! . Hopefully that describes better what I see in my mind? :0 thanks for trying to help,, I really do appreciate it!
  2. Hey guys, I went back to the site for another pattern and that one appeared to be missing too. Not sure what is going on, but I found all the patterns! So when you go to the site, look for the tab at the top that says free patterns. They are all there!
  3. Oh poop, the page has been taken down already.. I've been looking for a pattern just like this too.
  4. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions. I haven't quite found exactly what I'm looking for yet. I just wish I was able to make up my own pattern, but unfortunately I'm not that talented! . But I will keep looking! Thanks again!
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a pattern for a summer toddler dress. Ideally made of cotton thread so it's cool. If I was good enough at figuring things out I'd try to make my own since I can see in my mind exactly what I'm looking for! But that's not going to happen! . It's similar to the cute little dresses that have regular material that is sewed and then sewed onto the crocheted bodice. I would just make one off those, but I don't have a sewing machine. Anyone have any ideas? Or can you point me in the right direction? Any ideas or help would be awesome and I would be grateful! Thanks, Kelly
  6. Hi Laceangel, Thanks so much for responding so quick! I'm trying to decide between this poncho and the one by http://www.lemondedesucrette.com/2010/10/13/about-ponchos-and-pattern-d/ ( I hope I can post that) ...anyway.. I thought this one would be good b/c it will likely stay on better.. it's for a 1 year old.. but our weather is fairly unpredictable sometimes so I think Mom would like it better if it had longer sleeves. And I want it to be a little big so that she can wear it again next spring. I have the perfect Caron Simply Soft... do you think that might work w/ a smaller needle? And I crochet fairly tight. And would you mind sharing w/ me how to make the sleeves longer? I've been crocheting for over half my life now.. but figuring out patterns on my own or reconfiguring them is totally not in the cards for me! Unfortunately thanks so much for your help... I need to have this done b/f the 23rd of THIS month for her b'day! I know.. I didn't leave myself much time.. but Mom just mentioned that she'd like a poncho for her! thanks again, Kelly
  7. Laceangel, What kind/size yarn did you use for your poncho? And how far down the arm did the "sleeves" go? thanks, Kelly
  8. Wow!! That's really all I can say.... that is really awesome.... great work!
  9. Another lefty here..... My G'ma tried teaching me to no avail... and yep we tried sitting next to one another and across from each other. Didn't work... until.... one day my G'pa came walking through the room and asked what the heck we were doing... when we explained the situation... he looked at us funny and said.. well here's what we'll do... and he took the big mirror off the wall in the front room!! It worked like a charm! My G'ma did the stitches and I was able to see it in the mirror and I picked it up .. just like that! good luck!! Kelly
  10. JC.... What a fantastic job! And I love the red w/ the turquoise .. wouldn't have thought so by the sound of it.. but it really pops! ... And how did you do the pattern yourself? Any advice would be awesome! I have ideas in my head.. but for the life of me can't figure out how to get them to the hook! I would love to be able to do my own patterns. But.. seriously... great job! Kelly
  11. Was the poem removed? I don't see the poem. Would love to read it... I'm just finishing a shawl for a young bride that was recently tragically widowed. If that's not enough the groom's parents are NOT being very nice to her. They were only married a year.... and I'm sure the parents are grieving.. but they are being very greedy. I don't even know this gal.. but have not been able to stop thinking about her since I heard the story. So am looking for an appropriate poem to package w/ the shawl. thanks, Kelly
  12. Hi there... Ok.. you have inspired me! I've thought about it for quite awhile.. but you put the fire under my butt.. so for that I THANK YOU!! I've made two so far.. and I gave one to a friend of mine that just recently rescued a precious black kitty the weekend we were hit w/ SNOWMAGEDDON... good thing too.. b/c he's been back and forth to the vet since she got him w/ various health issues. She got him a turquoise collar so I made his bed in light/dark turquoise and black. She said he loves it!! So I ran right out and got more yarn and have already started another. The yarn was on sale so I actually bought enough to make 10 beds. WOO HOO! I'm so excited b/c I've adopted 8 furbabies myself already (6 cats, 2 dogs) so I can't do anymore than that there... but I can certainly crochet... so I can still help! And it does feel good.... I have a question though... I was thinking about making the other cat bed... www.moonarts.com... have you made this one? And would you use 3 strands and a P hook on that one? B/c it's written for 1 strand. Until I hear back I'll keep making the one from crochetkitty. Oh.. one last thing.. how do you do the reverse crochet? I just finished mine w/ an extra row of single crochet. Thanks! And thanks for lighting the fire!! Kelly
  13. OMGosh!! That is just TOO precious and cute....
  14. Yes! I saw it too.. and thought the same thing! I loved it!! Kelly
  15. Hi All.... Another leftie here... it took me YEARS to learn to crochet! My G'ma started teaching me at about 7 yrs old. When I was 12 my G'pa asked what we were doing and when my G'ma explained the frustration in trying to teach me as she was right handed... my wonderful G'pa said "well here.. we'll fix that"... and promptly took down the mirror off the living room wall .. put it on the floor leaning against the wall... and wa-la... I was crocheting!! Over the years whenever I needed to learn a new stitch and I was having a hard time.. we would get that mirror down! Now all these years later... I keep up w/ my crocheting... but my dear G'ma isn't here anymore to help me. But it makes me feel close to her. And how 'bout my wonderful G'pa?? He was one smart cookie!! So.. short story long... try the mirror.. Kelly
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