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  1. Just to let you know that the ad is over as of tomorrow, so if anyone is interested, you can look up "kitty scarf" on ravelry.com. Thanks!
  2. Check this out!!!: The pattern can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/allison-cohen or here: http://www.allisonwcohen.com/knitblog/
  3. Sounds like something strange, but no, just designed by my daughter and myself!
  4. Hi All, My daughter, Allison, and I (Julie) are a new design team- A.Co Knits (and Crochets too!). Although, I have crocheted for many years, Allison is bi-craftual. (She makes a good tester!) Our best seller (to date) is a wrap pattern using Noro sock yarn. The pattern has a video tutorial to accompany it. Once you learn it, it is easy to do using a regular crochet hook! A second pattern is the Lakehouse Throw. This was constructed using partially recycled yarn (Eco ways) but any worsted will work. our patterns are available at: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/allison-cohen or http://www.allisonwcohen.com/knitblog/
  5. Thanks everyone, I will try each method and see what I like best!
  6. Thanks, my daughter said to tie knots, but I didn't believe her!
  7. Making my first felted bag and concerned that weaving in ends will cause lump or thickness or come back out. Someone told me that to cut them after felting. What do you all recommend?
  8. I think first row is fan stitch, but seems like there is some sort of extra row with V-stitch in slip st or sc of fan row.
  9. Can anyone help me figure out this pattern for horizontal shell scarf? Thanks PS Hope this works
  10. I am looking for a pattern to crochet a cover for a butterfly chair. I believe that I saw one on a website some time ago. Can anyone help?
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