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    Addicted to crocheting! Love animals especially horses & dogs. Married with no kids, just 2 dogs!
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    St. Croix County in Western Wisconsin
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    Crocheting, Horses, and Dogs
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    Administrative Coordinator
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    Started at age 32, self-taught.
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    Afghans, Baby Booties, Hot pads, Baby Sweaters
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  1. LesleyUpNorth

    ? Where happened to I Love This Yarn brand

    Thank you! The new website is designed very odd in my opinion. I thought they were only offering one color! Dah. Thanks so much for telling me! I really like their strip yarns.
  2. I have been disconnected for a while. What happened to I Love tHis Yarn? I see I can no longer get it at Hobby Lobby. i am very disappointed. i hope some can tell me what happened.
  3. LesleyUpNorth

    Looking for granny style poncho with sleeves free pattern

    . THANK YOU. This is the one I was looking for! Thanks again!
  4. Hi, Years ago, I had printed a pattern that was for granny stitch style poncho with sleeves. Per chance can someone help me locate that pattern? I"ll keep my fingers crossed. Lesley
  5. LesleyUpNorth

    Charity donation pile to date for fall delivery!

    VERYPRETTY & NICE! You do wonderful work!
  6. LesleyUpNorth

    Drop in the Pond ~ bright pink

    BRIGHT and Beautiful! Love it!
  7. LesleyUpNorth

    Stars & Flowers in Pastels

    LOVE IT! So pretty. I await for release of the pattern!
  8. LesleyUpNorth

    My favorite afgan pattern

    Your afghans are stunning! Love your colors! You do wonderful work. I've put the pattern in my library and hope to try it soon. Thanks for sharing the pattern.
  9. LesleyUpNorth

    Granny shawl with square back

    Hi Ok I found it! Sorry. It is Sezzion II. By rodger murry. Happy Thanksgiving! I am looking for a square back granny shawl. I got the pattern off web But I now cannot find it. I misplaced my printed copy. Do you know where I might find it? I cannot remember the shawl name either. Thanks! Lesley
  10. LesleyUpNorth

    Another custom newborn dress set

    BEautiful! A masterpiece set! Lesley
  11. LesleyUpNorth

    Newest. Blanket Dolls

    These are very cute! Where did you find the pattern?
  12. LesleyUpNorth

    My Summer Flowers lapghan

    Very pretty!
  13. LesleyUpNorth

    Granny Rose Afghan

    Lovely pattern and blog! Thank you!
  14. LesleyUpNorth

    Bavarian crochet afghan

    Very nice! The baby & mom will love it! Wish I had the patience to do that stitch! Lesley
  15. LesleyUpNorth


    Hi - Are socks under clothing or could socks have their own section? Maybe both crochet and knitted or knit-loom socks? I searched but not too much came up. Perhaps crocheting socks isn't popular? Maybe I am just not seeing too well today either. Thanks. Lesley