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    married 28 years, 3 children, 2 grandbabies
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    Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California
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    chrysanthemum tea shawl, afghans
  1. Raccoon

    Down Home Way

    Any chance you can find the blog or source of this pattern? I would love to try it, thanks.
  2. Raccoon

    Momentos Occasions- doily #2

    I love color in a doily. This is a very elegant design, well done!
  3. Raccoon

    Looking for a Leisure Arts pattern

    Pretty pricey for an e-book!
  4. Raccoon

    Looking for a Leisure Arts pattern

    Sorry, that was an address I was trying when crochetville was having tech difficulties, so I didn't get the message. This is my regular address.
  5. Raccoon

    Stained Glass Window Afghan

    Good work! This isn't the easiest pattern to follow.
  6. Raccoon

    Stain Glass Starburst

    So, where did you find the pattern? This is so pretty! (Ah, found it. Silly me.)
  7. Raccoon

    ISO: Paton's Afghan Pattern Name/Source

    The stitches look tunisian, like what can be found in the Interlocking Crochet book by Tanis Galik. But have you tried emailing Paton's customer service?
  8. Raccoon

    Blue Star Afghan CAL

    You are farther along than I am, and doing a mighty fine job, too!
  9. Raccoon

    Christmas Tree Throw

    For the Humane Society Raffle: (Pattern by Caron) This actually has some very pretty stitches in the pattern as written, but they were obscured by the boucle and bulky yarns I used. The Simply Soft Shadows has been discontinued so I used up all my stash and added a variegated yarn for the trees.
  10. Raccoon

    Crochet on leaves

    Thanks for showing us this link. She does nice work!
  11. Raccoon

    Woo's Facial Recognition

    He is hilarious, as well as a very talented crochet artist.
  12. Raccoon

    Mermaid Tears Purse

    Beautiful work!
  13. This one looks simple: http://spiffyniftyriffic.wordpress.com/2009/06/30/mens-reversible-prayer-shawl/
  14. Raccoon

    New at this granny teddy square

    If you keep following the facebook link, riccoboni posted a chart of this square.
  15. Raccoon

    Looking For This Pattern

    You can easily turn this into a pretty spike stitch afghan: http://www.crochetme.com/media/p/88568.aspx