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    I am 29, married, have 3 wonderful chihuahuas, and am loving learning how to crochet!
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    North Carolina
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    Chihuahuas, forums, crochet, reading, family, TV/Movies.
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  1. I have always said it as skeen... that's wrong? LOL!
  2. I'm using a tote I picked up at Target, it's working out well for me.
  3. Thanks to you all so much. I really like the yarn too, the colors are nice. Nikki, thanks so much, my chi babies are everything to me! I hope you get to have one someday soon. It's just complete love! LoL
  4. I like it! My 1st beanie is about that same color. Congrats!
  5. That's very cute! Great work!
  6. Thanks Guys! I hadn't thought of making them for Christmas time, but they would make great gifts. A few dishcloths and a dishtowel set maybe? Awesome, I could def do that. They are certainly are useful and fantastic to have. I love making them, so quick and we do a lot of dishes here! LoL!
  7. Very sorry if the pic is big, I resized and don't know why it's not coming up the right size. Ok, I think it's coming up correct now. Sorry. LOL!
  8. I've been making me some dishcloths with Peaches and Cream yarn. I'd never used crocheted cloths before as I'm new to crocheting, and I just love them! I use the hdc stitch and they just work really well. I'm making my Mom a couple now and then will be making more for me. I plan to have a ton of these! LOL!
  9. The flower looks awesome on the front with the brim rolled up. Very nice work!
  10. That's going to be very pretty. I like fringe myself, but that one would still look wonderful without it too. I pretty much agree with the others about prices. It varies with how much work it took, type of yarn, length, all that stuff.
  11. I use the hook and let it do the work. I have tried the throwing technique and just never could get comfortable, or fast, doing that way. I guess cause I 1st learned the other way. I watched many vids when learning to crochet here recently and have seen both ways, the throwing way looks cool to me but I just can't seem to do it myself. LOL! Def nothing wrong with it, however works for you is what's best. ;-)
  12. That is SO great! I love it! That's really good for a laugh! LOL!!!
  13. That is just beautiful! I really like that so much. Great job! :-)
  14. That Easter Egg doily is amazingly beautiful! Awesome work!
  15. That's SO beautiful! The flowers are just awesome. Fantastic job!
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