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  1. Just finished Garment 1 in RHSS. Very stiff but I am pleased to have made my first jumper/sweater. I am looking for yarn to use that I can buy at Joanns, Michaels, etc. What do you suggest?
  2. Just purchased the online class. Hope Im not the only one doing this. I will also follow the FB page. I was tired of making Lapghans and want to expand my knowledge of crochet garments.
  3. Hi all, I know its been a while since my last post. Well, I regained my lifetime status and lost a grand total of 51.8 #S. I have completed eigh 5Ks and have a 4miler in 2weeks. I am also training for a 10K in Oct. I havent crocheted anything for mayself, but have participated in seveal swaps on Ravelry. I hope to get back to making charity squares, but I have so many WIPS that I am using that as motivation not to snack. Thank goodness for reruns of CSI, LAO, and NCIS on the weekends. I sit rewatch my shows and crochet.
  4. Great job nicole. I am down 3.6 this week for a total of 42.6 lbs, since 12/4/10
  5. Tia, Sorry to hear that you are in a hole. Hope you find the courage and strength to climb out. If it continues always seek help from others. cat3crazy, with weightloss you have to be selfish and not feel guilty. If you are not happy, you cant be happy for others. Carve out time for YOU. I listen to the Fantasia song:I',m doing ME!" I have learned to say NO to food and to my family. I work fulltime, I am a wife and mother. I have my husband do some of the things around the house so I can exercise. I buy food that I need to eat, they can have their full fat versions, but the fat free are mine and DARE them to touch it. I have reached my goal and below. I have lost a total of 36.8 pounds since Dec. I want to make it an even 40, but if my body still wants to give up some fat, I wont complain. I ran my first 5K last Sunday and may sign up for another nxt weekend. If I do, it'll be take-out for Sunday dinner. They wont starve. LOL I have finished 2 swaps as a result and I am working on my third. I have charity square to make but they will be done with the swap leftovers. Be Blessed Meegan
  6. Hi all, Way to go angelfire on the 5Ks, I signed up for 2 in May and looking for others each month. I have lost the last 1.4#s and I am now back to my goal weight. I still want to lose another 5-10, but at least I pay myself not WW.
  7. Hi all, I havent been on a while. I am withing 1.4 of my old WW goal. I have lost 33.4 lbs since I started. I need to get to making my squares, but as usually joined another swap. I want to keep losing, and have decided to do the WW5K next month. I am training to run the walk. Congrats to everyone's WL. Be Blessed
  8. Just popping in, down another 2.4, 30total 4.6 to Old Goal. Setting a newer lower one
  9. Join the Club, I have finally realized that I can't do it alone.I made goal and got lazy, stopped going to meetings and found the 35 of the 60 pounds I lost. I have been back 3 months and I am within 10 pounds of meeting my original goal again. I KNOW I must go to meetings, track and WI for LIFE. I now want to lower my goal weight to keep me motivated.
  10. Just wanted to drop by and LYK that I dropped another 2.8 this week. Bringing my total to 22.2 so far. 17 more to go. I also found the charity I am donating my crochet squares to. Crochet a Rainbow is asking for 5 round granny squares to make for flood victims in Australia. It is being run by Sarah London, who is exceptional with granny squares. I just learned about the project and have 10 pounds(squares) done so far. Will get them posted asahp:yarn
  11. I weigh in once a week at WW. Even though I have a scale similar to the WW version, I found myself getting obessive about it. I kept shifting it all around the powder room hoping to find the lowest weight. I also would weigh myself 3x or more to find the "average" weight. Not a healthy thing FOR ME. BTW, I lost 3.4 this week after the .2 gain:clap.Blaming DH for that. He cooked 2x last week. He LOVES the food channel and food network. He also loves to use butter and olive oil. I use PAM. Still trying to commit to exercising 3x a week. It has been rough but I find that last bastion of energy from somewhere.
  12. gain .2 this week.DH cooked and he like to watch cooking shows. I blame him, since I was fine until his meals. Good heart, thick headed though.
  13. , I had a hurray for me moment. I had bought several pair of tights this summer to wear when the weather got cold. This fall I tried to put a pair on and they wouldn't go past my thighs. I looked like a rap star. Disappointed I threw them in the lingerie draw. Well, today I can report that they are sitting comfortably on my waist. I wore them under jeans with no slippage. WW because it works! I am down 15 since 12/4. 8 squares to crochet since the begining of the CAL:hook
  14. Checking in for the week. I waited until the new year to start counting my squares. I will have to make 6 squares as I have lost 6.2 pounds and a total of 12.6 pounds since I rejoined WW on 12/4. Off to pull out my yarn.
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