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  1. I live in that area also... :-) Susan
  2. The September Swap sounds wonderful!!! HOw do I get into it? Susan myhookandI@hotmail.com myhookand.blogspot.com
  3. I'm great with Mental List... Then I WRITE tihngs down... Then I forget where I put the list... LOL But I have lists of all kinds written down " somewhere " Susan myhookandI@hotmail.com myhookandI.blogspot.com
  4. I Love those round afghans. I wish I cold do that... :-) Susan
  5. I Most Certainly Would If I KNEW HOW!!! In other words... HELP... Susan:think
  6. Neither... I was brough up with Mom & Dad saying * Skein as SKANE * Susan
  7. I use tihs bag with my Sissy's picture on it... Here is the link if you like it... order one... :-) http://bags.cafepress.com/item/maltese-tote-bag/404195722 ~ Susan
  8. Lets see, I read, reply, read e-mail, add pictures of what I have made and always look for patterns. Susan
  9. RUDY, Return From Snowy River, The Man From Snowy River... They all have WONDERFUL MUSIC!!!
  10. I do it both ways... depends on what techinique I'm using.
  11. My husband & I love to sit and watch NCIS every night... :-) every once in awhile I'll have to look down at my work. I always end up asking him " What happened, I coudn't look !!! " LOL ~ Susan
  12. Thakn You for the pattern... :-) Susan
  13. I Looked at this againm today... The colors are beautiful DARK GREEN, MEDIUM GREEN and Then A VERY , LIGHT SOFT GREEN then pure white. But the colors don't look very good on - line. :-( But Thank You All for the compliments! ~ Susan
  14. CrazyCrochet. That afghan is just beautiful. I'm sure she will love it!!! I like her colors she chose... :-) You can't go wrong with White or Off white or Winter white... Susan
  15. hi! I'm still working on this one... It should be done soon. It's all done in the back loops with a DC. Then I'll use a Revers SC for trimming. Susan
  16. I Just love your little brown squirrel.. he looks just like the ones in our back yard!!! LOVE IT!! Do you sell those on Etsy? I would love one... ;-) Susan
  17. I Love that pattern on top!!! Where can I get that pattern? ~ Susan
  18. Hi Rania! Welcome From Ohio. ~Susan
  19. CD, That is JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! I can see the beads on it . :-) ~ Susan
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