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  1. Looks like I may have to just make it up as I go...:-) Susan
  2. I got a kitchen aid stand mixer and am now looking for a pattern to make a cover for it. I can't find one. Can some one please help me? Susan
  3. HI Southern Peach!!! This isn't about crochet... sorry... I'm looking for nice places near or in nashville that are very nice to live in? Could you suggest and areas? Susan smsedgebeer@hotmail.com
  4. Thank You Gina!!! I like that one too. Maybe I can both...:-) Susan
  5. Hi! I'm looking for the Snuggie pattern... Thnak You if you can point me to one...:-) Susan myhookandI.blogspot.com
  6. Hi! There isn't a pattern... I just made it up... But here is what I did. It's just a rectangle. I'm a size 7 1/2... so I chain 25. The I HDC 14 rows using worsted weight yarn in a double strand. Fold in half long ways, Then sew up toe by weaving yarn though the toe area from side to side and pull tight to make a toe. Then sew up to hald way up the top of your foot. Then sew the other end to make the heel. And there is your slipper...:-) Susan
  7. Took one night to make a pair...:-) Susan
  8. Hi Karin, It's some old Malabrigo that I had not used yet. it sure feels soft ...:-) Susan
  9. Good Evening Joanne!!! Thank You for replying and also going to my blog. Yes... this is my first pair of gloves. I knew what "I" wanted, and no one had it. So I just made my own. It wasn't as hard as I thought. BUT it did take a long time since I had to write down every stitch so I could another one. I'm making another pair for my husband. I'm using Lambs Pride for his. ~ Susan
  10. Hi Christi!!! I chose the Pima Cotton yarn BECAUSE it was soft. I just imagined how sof that would be to wrap up in... I love it. I knew as soon as I tried that on that I would NOT sell it. No way... that one is mine...:-) But THANK YOU for the compliments on it. :-) Susan
  11. HI Cindy! Yes... It's VERY easy to keep on shoulders. I designed it in a way that it CURVES around the shoulder. Susan
  12. Thank You All!!! I always like to see what people think so I can know if its worth making again..:-) ~ Susan
  13. Breeze, Thank You! I got the handles at Joann's. Susan
  14. I made this with Pima Cotton Yarn... Love It! ( My own pattern ) Susan
  15. Check these out and let me know what you think! ~ Susan
  16. Thanks everyone... Dad is gets very cold even if the rest of us are hot... It's got something to do with his meds. So I think he'll like this...:-) Susan
  17. Thanks for all of the nice words!!! :-) ~ Susan myhookandI.blogspot.com
  18. I wanted to suprise Dad with a new afghan before they go back from vacation... Here it is on his chair... then spread out on our Family Room floor... ~ Susan myhookandI.blogspot.com
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