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  1. Love It!!! Did oyu make it up or use a pattern? Susan
  2. Hi Awnwhul! I made my Michigan Afghan last year! ( on our trip to Michigan. hence the name. ) No pattern to it. Just HDC all the way. Look at my blog. It will posted on bottm of this posting. The Michigan afghan is on the bottom of my blog. So just scroll down. ~ Susan
  3. Just found this in a magzine and made it...:-) Susan
  4. Hi Imanurse, Yes... that was mine...:-) The Stand Mixer is SO big! I needed to something to cover it. It's also one of those older models that all white. So I made up a cover. ( couldn't find a pattern) Thank You for the welcome!!! Your more then welcome to visit my blog when you have time...:-) Susan
  5. LeAnna, I'v been watching videos on crochet. Better then books ...to me anyway. You went to Cleveland? Rock and hall Of Fame must have fun... we haven't been there yet. Germany! One of the countrie we want to go to. We are of German heritage. I'll have to come back here tomorrow night. The thunderstorms are just getting too close for comfort. I don't want the computer getting zapped when lightening hits. See you later!!! ~ Susan:hook
  6. Hello!!! I was invited by eurolyons to join you! It's nice to meet everyone! I'm Susan from Ohio... A little west of Cincinnati. ~ Susan
  7. Thank You for the video!!! Susan
  8. I'll have to come back and check on this again. I LOVE Granny Squares... but can't ctochet them...:-( Susan
  9. Nana, Before I forget... the best place to write to me is on my blog. I check there everyday!!! Susan
  10. Hi Nana!!! I buoght my Kitchen Aid from a lady who lives behind us. She was having a yard sale becasue her Mom had passed away. She has her own Kitchen Aid Mixer... so she didn't need her MOm's. So I bought it for 25.00 !!! It works great!!! I just measured how long it was from front to back... then top to bottom. I HTINK they were both 15 1/2 "... And way... The pattern I made up is on my blog. It's a ROUGH pattern... ( like a rough draft ) Check it out. If you have questions... Just ask. Susan
  11. Here is the cover I made for my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. ( I couldn't find a pattern for it, so I just made it up.) ~ Susan
  12. I just finished My Stand Mixer COVER...:-) It's also on my blog if I can't get this picture on. ~ Susan
  13. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for Your Help!!!!! Susan
  14. Dobermama! That looks like it!!! Thank You for your help!!! Susan
  15. Hi! That is SO pretty! Where did you get that book? ( I want to buy that pattern ) Susan
  16. I can't figure out what sticthes she is using??? Anyone know??? Susan
  17. Does anyone here know how to GRANNY STRIPE? I would love to have the instructions. Susan
  18. I have been making my Kitchen Aid a cover. The pattern I'm using is ib my Blog. There is a link to it on each message here on Crochetville. I just made it up... BUt it works for me!!! Susan
  19. If you want to see the stitch I'm planning on useing to make the cover... just make a chain of about 10... and keep making rows of Single Crochet with a 4.5 hook. To me it looks good. I'm using Black Lily Cotton yarn. Looks Sharp to me!!! Susan
  20. I'll take note as I make when one up.... Then I'll post them on here... BUt it will be awhile before I'm done... I have a project I'm working on right now. I'm making market bags right now. I think the model number of my Kitchen Aid is K45. All I know is that it's big. A lady who's Mom passed away had a yard sale. She had the Kitchen Aid in her yard sale for only 25.00 I grabbed it when I found out that it works like new!!! ~ Susan
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