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  1. VERY EASY ANSWER!!! A LOT OF YARN. I have a very nice stash. ( I also knit. ) ~ Susan
  2. I love making things for everyone and myself. It makes me feel good. Plus I simply enjoy it. ( I guess I have hands that like being busy. ) ~ Susan
  3. A lot of them are given away to family & friends, but I also keep a lot of them.. I make a lot of things for Sissy. You'll see her in my avatar. Susan
  4. I'm from about 10 miles West of Cincinnati. I use to crochet YEARS ago. I have just picked it up again. ~ Susan
  5. Hi BackFence! I'm not from Ky, but I am about 10 minutes away from the Ky. border. ( I'm in Ohio ) ~ Susan
  6. Sounds like I crochet free form a LOT!!! Susan
  7. Hi! I started coming here about last week. I really don't rmemeber if I introduced myself or not. Anyway, I'm Susan from Ohio, and that is my little Sissy in the Avatar. I have criocheted before, LONG TIME AGO. I'm just now getting back to it. ~ Susan
  8. Hi! I'm using scarp yarn to make a afghan or blanket. ( Depends on how much scrap yarn I have. ) I am crocheting 3 inch squares. BUt then i have to join them. Now what is the BEST WAY to JOIN them ? I may be 51, but please explain to me how to join them as though I was 5. LOL Thank You!
  9. Little Green Starts! That looks PERFECT! ( I want a poncho so bad!!! ) I'll try and get into Lion Brand and get the pattern. ~ Susan
  10. Chattty Me, I think your stitches look great! I used a simple stitch like trhat to make an afgahn. I thought I would be the only one to use it, but my husband is always grabbing it before I do in the winter. ( I used Malabrigo, he loves the softness. ) Susan
  11. My Grandma first showed me how to chain when I was little. Susan
  12. I have been knitting fior awhile now. BUt I want to learn to crochet. Susan
  13. Hi! I'm about 21 miles West of Cincinnati. A little place called Harrison. Susan
  14. Cher49, I like those!!! I wish I knew how to follow a crochet pattern, Right now I'm just doing it free hand. Susan
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