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  1. Hi! I'm going to be a Grandma for the first time... And I need patterns that are easy. Thank You! Susan
  2. So cute! I wish I was good enough to make that! Susan
  3. Nana, Before I forget... the best place to write to me is on my blog. I check there everyday!!! Susan
  4. Hi Nana!!! I buoght my Kitchen Aid from a lady who lives behind us. She was having a yard sale becasue her Mom had passed away. She has her own Kitchen Aid Mixer... so she didn't need her MOm's. So I bought it for 25.00 !!! It works great!!! I just measured how long it was from front to back... then top to bottom. I HTINK they were both 15 1/2 "... And way... The pattern I made up is on my blog. It's a ROUGH pattern... ( like a rough draft ) Check it out. If you have questions... Just ask. Susan
  5. Here is the cover I made for my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. ( I couldn't find a pattern for it, so I just made it up.) ~ Susan
  6. I just finished My Stand Mixer COVER...:-) It's also on my blog if I can't get this picture on. ~ Susan
  7. I have been making my Kitchen Aid a cover. The pattern I'm using is ib my Blog. There is a link to it on each message here on Crochetville. I just made it up... BUt it works for me!!! Susan
  8. If you want to see the stitch I'm planning on useing to make the cover... just make a chain of about 10... and keep making rows of Single Crochet with a 4.5 hook. To me it looks good. I'm using Black Lily Cotton yarn. Looks Sharp to me!!! Susan
  9. I'll take note as I make when one up.... Then I'll post them on here... BUt it will be awhile before I'm done... I have a project I'm working on right now. I'm making market bags right now. I think the model number of my Kitchen Aid is K45. All I know is that it's big. A lady who's Mom passed away had a yard sale. She had the Kitchen Aid in her yard sale for only 25.00 I grabbed it when I found out that it works like new!!! ~ Susan
  10. Looks like I may have to just make it up as I go...:-) Susan
  11. I got a kitchen aid stand mixer and am now looking for a pattern to make a cover for it. I can't find one. Can some one please help me? Susan
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