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  1. tinker

    Scarf length

    Just a single crochet with LB homespun.
  2. tinker

    Scarf length

    Yeah, sealgair, that helps. Thanks!
  3. tinker

    Scarf length

    Thanks! The one I'm working on now is just over 6 feet (made from homespun) but the one I made before it was much longer, maybe 8 feet or so. I'm making it for a friend so I don't want it to be too long... know what I mean?
  4. tinker

    Scarf length

    When you crochet a scarf, how long, on average is it? I don't follow a pattern so I tend to eyeball it and I was wondering how long a typical scarf is.
  5. I started making one like that but wasn't sure how it would look so I frogged it. Maybe I'll try again.
  6. I'd love to crochet a bag for myself, but I haven't quite figured out how.
  7. I need to get a bag big enough to take projects with me.
  8. You know one thing I've noticed is that where I used to eat out of boredom, I now crochet instead. So, I've lost weight as well as making things to give as gifts.
  9. The last two times I have gone to the coffee shop to crochet (one of my favorite escapes) someone has said something to me. The first was a woman that asked me if I know Irish crochet. I didn't have a clue but ended up talking to her about what I was working on. Then, yesterday a businessman asked me what I was knitting. I told him I was working on a scarf for a friend but I debated whether I should educate him on the difference between knit and crochet. I decided against it because he was just making conversation since he was sitting in a chair next to mine. How many of you have had strangers come up and talk to you because they are curious about crocheting?
  10. I am ashamed that my city (Charlotte) is only taking in 200 refugees. We have an enormous coliseum that's fairly new and no one is using that could hold many more in need.
  11. Cool! Everything I've ever done has been freeform (I haven't gotten into anything too creative like on those pages though!) because I haven't learned to read patterns yet.
  12. Yup, I teach at CPCC. I have heard of that store but I've never been there. I usually just go to Michael's or Hancock Fabrics. There's a yarn store in Ballantyne... I think it's The Peace of Yarn. They have really nice yarns but they are expensive.
  13. Hooray free yarn! Thanks for posting this!
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