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    I'm 47 have 3 kids love to crochet and knitting prayer shwals I also collect mice.
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    Hillsboro Oregon
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    all crafts,crochet,knitting
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    over 35 years
  1. I collect mice and those have to be the cutest ones I have seen in a very long time
  2. wow it is very nice I have only sean that yarn knitted into a shawl
  3. :yarn:yarn:yarnin my case I have yarn all over the place in our storage shed in plastic tubs and the plastic drawer ones and under my bed in the hallway any place I can find to stash more:yarn:yarn:yarn:clap:clap:clap:clap
  4. :cheeryippy I used up 4 balls and one skien so far this week been flying along take care:crocheting
  5. wow that is very nice wat to go
  6. WOW that looks so beautiful :cheer
  7. i'm not sure about this but i'm willing to give it a try I am glad we dont count all of our yarn i dont think i could count that high:lol :yarn:yarn:yarn and more:yarn so now i have to ghange my sig
  8. no i didnt think about it should have i love making them as my DD was a premee and i make them in all different sizes so they will have them to fit all of the babys i once asked about the size needed and was told make them to fit a lemon up to a grapfruit
  9. :hooki sew mine inafter i have finshed the project that way i know that they will not come loose:yarn
  10. i couldnt look at the patterns it asked for my signin and password and im not a member boo hoo
  11. :clapthank you for doing this as a disabled vet I think that this is so cooool and it touches my heart. the best place to look is at the VA hospitals or talk to the disabled american vets org. and other vet orgs. in your area. Hope this helps you find a place to donate also the VA hospitals have an auxziary club and they have patterns for the vets that are hospitalized I am working on ghans for my VA:crocheting
  12. I have a friend that puts all of her swatchs on a sheet of paper with the hook size, pattern used and a photo of the finished project and name of person she gave it to and the date started and finished then puts them into sheet protectors and into a large binder:hook:hook
  13. I just got done donating to Dornbeckers childrens Hospital I mad 60 premee hats I bet I can do some more in between my other projects so Iam in :cheer
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