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  1. TeriMcc

    graph afghans single crochet newbies and oldhatters

    It is called Lion Country Afghan. It's Pattern #: 80046 from Lion Brand. Teri
  2. TeriMcc

    Red Heart yarn colors

    The Coordinate List is a big help - thank you for the site. I have not seen the catalog before. I had also not thought to contact RedHeart directly, that's a great idea. Thank you! Teri
  3. TeriMcc

    Red Heart yarn colors

    Has anyone seen a list of RedHeart yarn colors - from light to dark? Does the number associated with the color have any use for this purpose? Any help would be appreciated. Teri
  4. TeriMcc

    Scrap Afghan Colors

    I've been wanting to make a scrap afghan and have seen some very pretty ones. Has anyone made a scrap afghan where they just grabbed balls of yarn out of a bag and crocheted with what ever color comes up? If so, did you only put certain colors of yarn in the bag or did you just put in everything you had? All of my yarn is Red Heart Super Saver. I have a very hard time coordinating colors and any help would be appreciated. Teri
  5. TeriMcc

    Graph afghan: Bucky Badger

    I'm interested in the satin stitch mentioned. Can anyone explain what that is? Teri
  6. TeriMcc

    Catherine's Wheel colors

    I want to make it in the colors in the pictures, I just don't know the name of Red Heart colors to use. The person that made this pattern said that she used different weight and brand of yarn and did not give me the names of the colors she used, when asked.
  7. TeriMcc

    Catherine's Wheel colors

    I thought the center looked like lemon yellow. It's hard to find color photos of all the Red Heart colors. Thanks for your thoughts on the colors. Teri
  8. I'm interested in crocheting this afghan. Does anyone have suggestions about the colors used, preferably in Red Heart yarn? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you Teri http://032ad8a.netsolhost.com/madmad/2012/02/04/bavarian-crochet-blanket/#.UT38WxyG2lu
  9. TeriMcc

    Spanish Tiles Afghan

    Very pretty! It looks like a lot of work. Teri
  10. TeriMcc


    I recently finished this graphghan. It's a free pattern from the Lion brand web site. The chart had some problems so I had to put a little work into getting the north east states to line up. I decided to leave out Alaska and Hawaii, the placement didn't look right to me. Teri
  11. TeriMcc

    graph afghans single crochet newbies and oldhatters

    This is a free pattern from Lion Brand yarn. Teri
  12. Lots of beautiful afghans shown on this show. Did anyone see the georgeous 'bluebonnet' looking afghan on the back of a couch? Teri
  13. TeriMcc

    Numbers Graph

    Thanks for the web sites. I got my alphabet graph from a library book. I don't remember the name of the book. It turned out really bright. It's one of my favorites. I donate all my afghans to Linus.
  14. TeriMcc

    Numbers Graph

    I've just finished a graphghan that had all the letters of the alphabet. Has anyone seen a free graph pattern for numbers? Teri
  15. TeriMcc

    Looking for a Woman's Circle Magazine

    Here's a freebee: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90075AD.html Here's one for sale: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/237250 Is this what you are looking for?