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  1. I'm back to blogging and crocheting after a bit of a hiatus. Here's my latest post..
  2. Hooray for Westminster-ites! I still consider myself a small town girl.
  3. Love this! It's getting chilly in the evenings now so I'm in the scarf making mood lately.
  4. A Year of Projects Post and some wedding talk
  5. New blog and a new blog post! And I already have my first follower
  6. Updated with a tribute to my son who turned nine yesterday (03/03/03 )
  7. Yikes...been awhile! But I've updated with some wedding and crochet stuff!
  8. Updated with weekend stuff, tummy stuff, book stuff..but not a lot of crochet stuff..lol.
  9. Updated with wedding stuff, weekend stuff, ex stuff, child support stuff and stressed-out-about-decisions stuff.
  10. Loved Whalom Park!! Too bad they bulldozed it and now it's condos. Lived in Lunenburg for a few years when my kids were young...such a small world!
  11. Ahhhh...I'm from Leominster, but grew up in Westminster. Quite a change to go from one traffic light for most of my life to a "bustling" little city. I love it though!
  12. Thanks everyone...I've been second guessing the colors all morning but as long as she's happy, I'm happy.
  13. Beautiful! (And the afghan's not bad either)
  14. Working on this for my daughter...right now it's about 2 1/2' by 2 1/2'...still have a long way to go..lol.
  15. Updated with work news, crochet, and some past due child support thrown in there for good measure.
  16. Updated...spirits low and weekend planning..
  17. Updated with a possible breakthrough through the drama...
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