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  1. I'm back to blogging and crocheting after a bit of a hiatus. Here's my latest post..
  2. Hooray for Westminster-ites! I still consider myself a small town girl.
  3. Love this! It's getting chilly in the evenings now so I'm in the scarf making mood lately.
  4. A Year of Projects Post and some wedding talk
  5. New blog and a new blog post! And I already have my first follower
  6. Updated with a tribute to my son who turned nine yesterday (03/03/03 )
  7. Yikes...been awhile! But I've updated with some wedding and crochet stuff!
  8. Updated with weekend stuff, tummy stuff, book stuff..but not a lot of crochet stuff..lol.
  9. Updated with wedding stuff, weekend stuff, ex stuff, child support stuff and stressed-out-about-decisions stuff.
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