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    Hobbies Crocheting, Knitting, sewing anything crafty!!
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  1. I have somethings I can send I signed up at the link . I sent some items last year and didn't know if the same address is being used , please let me know and I can send them out, thanks Lora
  2. I have a set I'd be happy to mail off please send me the mailing address, Thanks Lora
  3. Have finally a couple of scarfs to mail off! Will try to get more off the 1st of the year Happy Holidays Everyone!
  4. Hi I sent off a few squares today , hopefully they are colors that are needed to complete an afghan!
  5. I have 2 scarfs ready to mail out on Monday. I'll start working on more.
  6. You did a great job! Very Cute!!
  7. Welcome from California!! My Grandma taught me too when I was 7 years old! Thank God for Grandmas!! Welcome again
  8. Welcome from Sacramento California!!
  9. Welcome from Sunny California!
  10. LORA3814


    Welcome from California glad to have ya along!!
  11. Hi and welcome aboard sounds like you found just the right place. Let us know how the website goes!
  12. Welcome from California we're glad to have you. Hope things will improve for you and you're able to enjoy your crocheting etc:hug:hug....
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