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  1. Going to attempt to do better this year than last at participating in this thread. So, here's to many dishcloths in 2013! My goal is at least one per month.
  2. Here's the link to my spreadsheet! https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BwLejYhpvvUQR1ZlV19fOHNkRTQ
  3. OOOOH can't wait to see! I start on gifts today as well. First up, a beanie for one of the guys!
  4. One of my resolutions is to once again attempt to get squares sent out. I still haven't got those puffies to the post office just yet. But it's a new year (in a few minutes) so they're gonna find their forever homes. I am also attempting to make at least 2 squares for each Biggest Square monthly pick, so I'm going to look at lil_mama06's choices! Happy New Year to you all and may 2013 bring you happiness, laughter, health & love.
  5. That is a really great idea! I think I will do that too. Thanks Judy & Emma! Yeah, that is my short list for 2013. I think it's me trying to make up for this year being not so great in the gift department. A lot of family was looking forward to receiving something handmade and I had to go buy something at the last minute. Silly school gets in the way of my "extra" crochet time.
  6. Last year, I did sooooo well giving everyone something handmade. This year, well I guess I thought Christmas would wait for me to be ready, and it most certainly did NOT! So, the goal this year is once again to make a gift for everyone. Many will be crocheted, some sewn, some jewelry & some will be homemade spa products. Guess this is me diving in head first! Ben's family (my inlaws): Gale: jewelry set, spa basket, crocheted slippers or sewn purse/wallet Dewayne: sewn firewood carrier, hat & scarf Dale: crocheted slippers, hat & scarf Angie: jewelry set, spa basket, crocheted slippers or sewn purse/wallet Blake: hat & scarf, iPad sleeve Tasha: jewelry set, spa basket, iPad sleeve Nathan: crocheted slippers, hat & scarf Alyssa: jewelry set, spa basket, crocheted slippers Ashley: jewelry set & spa basket My family: Mom: pot holders, sewn apron, spa basket Gary: crocheted slippers, hat & scarf I don't talk to most of the rest of my immediate family, so that list was short! LOL Ok now the BIG list of nieces & nephews & our kids Jayden: hat, scarf & fingerless mitts, crocheted slippers Bentley: hat, scarf & fingerless mitts, crocheted slippers Hayden: hat, scarf & fingerless mitts, crocheted slippers Nieces & Nephews: Bri: Nook sleeve, crocheted slippers, jewelry set Brooklyn: hat, scarf & fingerless mitts Braydon: crocheted stuffed animal (to be determined) Tristan: crocheted stuffed animal (to be determined) Kymberly: crocheted slippers, hat, scarf & fingerless mitts Levi: hat, scarf & fingerless mitts Ok I think that is all, at least that I can think of right now. LOL OMGosh I have got to get busy!
  7. Another awesome stocking! Great job!
  8. Oh I really like this one! Rudolph is so festive! I think the cuff makes the pattern truly 'pop'!
  9. it! I knew you would enjoy making them!
  10. I was reorganizing & cleaning my office/craft room last night... guess what I found!!! Squares I have made and just haven't sent. So, it is my intention to get some puffies out by the end of the month!
  11. It looks great Christie! I finished a Mom Tattoo Beanie while I waited for the results.
  12. I think my favorite item to make this year.... Oh wow it's so hard to pick just one.... But I say it is the Dainty Textured Baby Blanket & Ballet Slipper Booties I made when I first started Treasures & Trinkets by Tiffany . I also love all my hats.. Like Frankenbaby here: (No pattern, I tend to make most of them up for the character styles) Who am I kidding? I love them all!
  13. Thank you for this!! I know you went to a LOT of trouble to make it up... and I'll be making one as soon as I get a little bit of extra time.
  14. I did actually take a nap (we're on night schedules around here) and I'm just waking up. Time for coffee and some crochet to count down the last few minutes of this day and start tomorrow with a smile!
  15. Amy, well wishes being sent your way! pineknot I hope your sister-in-law's power is restored soon! I've completed most of the items on my list, and still have 5 hours to go in this day. I'll definitely be glad to crochet in just a little bit.
  16. Oh I it! Added to my WIM list. Thank you for sharing! (I'm now looking at all of your other designs! Very talented!)
  17. I have been "sick" (sinus crud!!) for almost a month and still feel awful on top of my huge (never ending) to-do list! Plus I am still taking orders on my business page for the holiday rush, so throw that in there as well. I stay beyond busy to say the least, but at least it is doing mostly what I love more than anything else! Oh and pajamas are my uniform unless I have to leave this house! LOL
  18. The only success I had with crocheting jewelry with wire was with the stringing wire that is flexible and softer than the traditional wire on spools. I agree that using the normal beading wire, even the smallest gauge can create a headache. The downside of using the stringing wire (which is nylon coated) is that it curled and didn't lay properly. I envy those who can crochet with the actual metal wire because the results are beautiful, but it didn't come to me as something I wanted to continue to do at the expense of my hooks & hands.
  19. Oh I have to do this... as soon as I finish up some other things I'll be posting!
  20. I am avoiding political jargon at all costs today! On my agenda instead is: Finishing my Western Civ assessment for the end of the term... today .. I totally procrastinated and it's due tonight. Organizing my craft room/office because I am a little behind on some orders and need to get those caught up ASAP. ~ Probably won't have much time to get to this! Doing some never-ending laundry. Reading & responding to some threads here on the 'Ville. Fixing some yummy baked pork chops, steamed broccoli, and mac & cheese for dinner. Working on some of those orders I am behind on. ~ I was able to finish up a hat! Planning out some details for my Stocking Stuffer & Holiday Gift Exchange Swaps. Emailing my partners for those swaps. Pattern browsing on Ravelry ~ one of my favorite hobbies! Oh and if there is some time left over, I'll post some items to my Etsy shop to reopen it.
  21. I've only been crocheting for about 5 years. But in that brief time, I have acquired thousands (almost 10 GB worth) of digital patterns. The majority of them are free from either blogs, here on the 'Ville, or of course Ravelry. I do have a pattern habit that I must indulge quite often. When I search for patterns to purchase, usually they're of a technique I am not completely familiar with, or a stitch I don't recognize. I have subscriptions to almost all of the major crochet publications and I buy print books/pamphlets/leaflets when I see something that interests me. With my business, I make a lot of newborn props and if I can't exactly envision how the item is made, I purchase the pattern. I'm still just testing the pattern writing waters with my toes, but at some point in the future I hope to be able to do more designing. Free patterns are what enabled me to learn my adored hobby and they definitely have their place in my heart and in my collection. I will purchase a pattern if the description is written out well. I like to know what size yarn and hook to be prepared with, as well as an estimate of how much yarn, if different sizes are available in the case of wearables and prefer multiple photos of the finished product from different angles. What deters me from purchasing a pattern the majority of the time is: A) It is not unique... I am just NOT going to buy a pattern that is a traditional granny square or a basic beanie, and believe those who sell them are being completely greedy & selfish. B) From the description I can get the feeling that the pattern is going to be written poorly or contain errors left and right ~ many notes & edits make me question the quality from jump. C) There is not a photo ~ I don't know if I want it if I can't see the finished product! D) If I just can't possibly envision myself truly making the item, even if it is a long time from now. E) Price. I know a lot of work goes into creating patterns, but there are some that are just ridiculously priced, especially on the larger communities such as Etsy & Ravelry. With the potential to reach thousands & thousands of customers I don't see asking more than $10 for any particular pattern, especially if permission to sell finished items is denied to the purchaser or it is an item that I feel I may only make a couple of times. I did actually ask a designer once why she was charging for a pattern but denying the right for someone who bought it the option to sell items made from it. Her reply was because that was how she made her income. Well, crochet is how I happen to make mine as well and I couldn't see the logic. Seems like telling another person that they have to pay but can't benefit for their self is kinda greedy (just a personal thought on that!).
  22. My LYS is closing, or rather becoming a "studio" environment with most of the focus being on knitting & spinning. It did carry a small selection of Rosewood crochet hooks and a few books, but aside from that, not much to choose from. When I would purchase yarn from the LYS, I generally spent on average between $30-$50 per trip. I tend to go... yarn nuts! (I admit, I have a habit!) I do a lot of ordering online from the larger chain stores, such as Hobby Lobby & Joanns. Now I am also starting to use yarn.com and jimmybeanzwool a LOT for the fancier/more unique yarns. The attitude of almost all of the other yarn shops I have been in have always had a negative attitude once they find out you crochet. I am really not sure why it matters, but regardless, if you're in a shop to buy yarn, why do they suddenly care what you do with it?! I think that many shops would sell much more than they do if they were open to ALL aspects of fiber arts. It's like having a bookstore that only sells one type of book... makes no sense to me.
  23. :lurk I haven't been active on the thread for a while, but boy when life throws curves, they come in one right after another. So I was super surprised to receive these 2 perfect squares from katyallen8090! They will be so cute in my 'ghan! Thank you so very much sweetie!
  24. Awww thank you so much! I know, we're pretty awesome!
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