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  1. Officially, all in total that I have ever received: 67 squares. I still need: 21 six inch squares to finish my absolutely HUGE 'ghan. I have 2 squares that don't quite fit the size so I will take those and edge them, making a pillow to go with my 'ghan! Look how beautiful it is going to be! I've laid out all of the squares here for you all to see
  2. Ack... I knew something else had slipped my mind.. I'm going to go count them all now!
  3. Thank you! I liked yours back.. and shared my favorite item from it. Beautiful work!
  4. Gah, having a hard time keeping up with this thread lately! LOL Prayers for any & all who need them. LOVE the eye candy I've seen! Beautiful squares ladies! The Free For All in May, I'm in! Tonya, your crown looks beautiful! Your squares will be headed your way this week! I'm going to finish up some orders I have ... April has been fabulous for my business! I can barely keep up! Up to 345 likes on Facebook! WOOHOO!
  5. Here is my newest pattern on Ravelry! Sock Monkey Pacifier Keeper/Tether I hope you all like it! (Permission to sell finished items included!)
  6. Gracious, what a busy week! Sorry I haven't been around much, so many things going on it's a wonder I know if I am coming or going. LOL I didn't read back thru all of the posts (lazy today) ... but still working on squares for Tonya. I'll try to catch up tonight or in the morning when hopefully I will have a bit more time. One quick thing tho... I made an A in Microeconomics last term, so I still have my 4.0 GPA on my journey to a bachelor degree. Hoping that trend continues until I finish. Back to 2 classes next term, but for now I am still on Spring Break! YAY!
  7. Congrats Tonya! I pledge SIX 6" squares for you! I'll get started right after I finish up my orders for this week... (which are very numerous, but I'll get them done nevertheless!)
  8. Beautiful 'ghan Carol! I see the 3 squares I sent What size did it come out to be? It's my last day as Queen ... I will be passing the crown to the new Queen. It is very bittersweet! It's all polished, gleaming even! I know the new Queen will cherish & appreciate it as much as I have and all others before me. You all have made this a very special month for me and I want to say Thank You to everyone!
  9. Look out everyone, more eye candy! Thank you to smith for the 9 six-inch squares and thank you pat54 for the 2 six-inchers also! They're perfect ladies! The kiddos look like they had fabulous Easter fun! Prayers for all & lots of too! I have enjoyed my reign as Square Queen. I'll be sure to get Katie an official count in the next couple of days and maybe I'll finally get that picture taken of all I've received! You gals are the best!
  10. I just created this PDF file of the "invisible join/finishing technique".. I also love the foundation & magic rings... and starting in the "bumps" instead of the V.. All great tricks! InvisibleJoinTutorialbyTreasures&TrinketsbyTiffany2013.pdf
  11. They arrived! They're amazing! Beautiful purse kuddles! I will be polishing the crown in highlight of the new coming Queen this weekend! I warn you, it's a tad heavy with all these jewels, but know it will sparkle thru your entire reign! Wear it proudly! (I know I do!)
  12. Be prepared ladies, I have lots of eye candy! First up, squares from AngelRoseLite ~ Squares from cshort ~ Squares from kuddles ~ And squares from grannyannie ~ Thank you ladies sooooo much! I love them! Of course, I am always running late as of late.. so sorry for the delay in posting! Did some reading of previous posts (chatty bunch we are!) and want to say Happy Belated Birthday Lacey! Congrats Skoggy on getting the internet back! Katy, love the idea you've got going on! Squares are such a great way to brighten anyone's day! Everyone else, happy thoughts, best wishes &
  13. Oh wow, 2 pages to catch up on! Sorry ladies, got a little busy the past couple of days! AngelRoseLite, the squares arrived safe & sound.. I hope to get the picture tomorrow.. along with all of my other squares laid out.. The weekend breezed by and this week hasn't slowed down at all! Will be on to read, catch up & chat tomorrow.. have a fabulous evening ladies!
  14. Katie, I'll get a count this weekend and let you know how the 'ghan is coming along. Maybe even a picture!
  15. Sorry that the camera decided to wash out the pink.. but thank you pineknot for my lovely squares! They're so pretty!
  16. Abigail1280, beautiful squares! So bright & cheerful! OOOH I can't wait to get those puffies! Thanks so much ladies Sadly, my neighbor lost her house in a fire on Friday. Luckily, no one was hurt, she and her dogs were outside when it happened and her son was at work. I am trying to organize a fundraiser for her to help get her thru until the insurance company gets their stuff in order. Thankfully she had insurance! I feel awful for her and am thinking I will try to get a comfortghan going ... but that will be sometime later this month. I am going to ask for a few thoughts & prayers for her during this time of tragedy and this is the best place on earth to ask for those Unfortunately, I have homework to do today. So I will stop back in later when I take a "break".. Hope everyone has a great day!
  17. I hope everyone feels better soon! Chicken noodle soup for everyone! LOL
  18. I'll block all of the squares before I start assembling, so no worries, it will fit!
  19. Thank you so much to bgs, Abigail1280 & crsheridan for my pretty squares! I them! ~ from bgs ~ from Abigail1280 ~ from crsheridan ~ from crsheridan
  20. Katy, my puffy arrived! Stuffed with four 6" and a 12" square in pink, gray & white! They're beautiful, thank you soooooo much!
  21. It went from pouring rain to snow in about 30 seconds earlier. If it keeps coming down like it is right now, it won't be long before we're buried in white stuff .... UGH I am *OVER* winter! I don't like being all stiff from the cold & dreary. It's almost the official start of spring and I'm hoping the hot, humid & dry season of summer arrives earlier than usual. If you hadn't gathered, I am *NOT* a fan of cold/wet/snow/arthritis! LOL Guess that is why when the kids graduate high school me & hubby are transplanting ourselves to AZ as soon as possible!
  22. Hiyas everyone! Oh my had a busy weekend, and it isn't really even over yet! Did manage to get the craft room all organized which took almost 3 days... had my BFF come visit and did some errand running. Now time to get out my hook and finish up some projects that have been needing done for some time now. Customers might start to get impatient if I don't get busy! I hope to search the list and find homes for some squares that I have had made for a while now... Thank you all who have pledged! I will try to get my previously received squares laid out tonight and take a picture of my beautiful 'ghan in the works. They're all so pretty!
  23. Thank you ladies! I humbly accept the gorgeous Yarn Hill Crown! I was totally shocked and thrilled when I learned of the honor! I promise I will take the best of care of the Crown and responsibilities that come with it. I also hope to send some squares this month, not just receive!
  24. OH I didn't get them on clearance or anything. Hobby Lobby has been out of stock with their yarn for the past couple of months because of them switching to a new distributor for their I Love This Yarn line. The previous one had started to show a lot of quality issues: yarn was full of fuzz balls & knots, a lot of mess in the middle of the skeins, etc. The new distributor switch has taken longer than they expected with items slowly starting to get back on the store shelves and being available again online. Sorry for the confusion!
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