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  1. OMG... I am going to have to turn on the TV! That's my favorite!
  2. Very close! But no black.. white instead. LOL You're right about the pink & gray tho!
  3. You know, I have some RHSS here that I just might work up a swatch since it isn't getting used otherwise. I think it would be nice & warm, plus faster because of the thicker yarn/bigger hook combo... Fewer repeats are never bad. I say give it a shot Ann! I'll make another along with you. I'm going to stripe mine, big blocks of 3 colors.. anyone have a guess what 3 colors?! LOL
  4. Not that I have "free" time, but for the next 3 days I am at least homework free while Blackboard is down! Woohoo! So I hope to do some more squares for May. Don't you love when the universe works against you? I wasn't able to mail the other day but I did finally get Tonya's squares in the puffy and have it addressed, ready to go out! Progress! And yes definitely better late than never.
  5. Woohoo! No worries, there isn't a deadline or any of that. Just a relaxing place to share your progress & pictures!
  6. Christel, I think it would be gorgeous in a chenille, especially a thin weight like that. The original calls for a D hook, but you can use whatever hook gives you the amount of space between the stitches as you like. Make a swatch of the first 8 rows to give you an idea
  7. I'm squaring along for my May partner I also started another CAL thread for a shawl if anyone would be interested... It's the Persephone Shawl (free on Ravelry)! Here's a link if anyone wants to join me there too. I am using lace weight yarn but you can use any you like! It's very versatile! Persephone Shawl CAL
  8. Here's the first 8 rows of my shawl! It's only 2.5" long from top to bottom right now, but from here on is a 2 row repeat so even though it is going to take a while, it will be pretty! I love the yarn, it's a merino wool.
  9. Yay! Thanks Trudy, look forward to seeing your shawl!
  10. After the recent shawl voting thread that Amy started, the shawl I hoped would win, didn't. PERSEPHONE It's a free pattern on Ravelry! This is the shawl I am going to make for entry into my local county fair this year, so I thought it might be fun to start a CAL for anyone else who might want to make it. I hope to make a couple more this year as well for Christmas gifts & the like. No time limits, no deadlines, just enjoy making this beautiful shawl. Even though it calls for lace weight yarn, you can make it in any weight you want, just adjust the hook size accordingly. I'd love to see all of the variations! It works up rather quickly and the 2 row repeat makes it easy to remember what you're doing and where you're at if you have to stop & pick it up later. So simple and absolutely beautiful results! I am going to make it in Madelinetosh Tosh Lace in Terrarium (a green variegated). Hope many of you decide to join in.
  11. It appears that Graceful Shell won by quite a large number of votes.. so sadly I can't participate... but I will stop in from time to time to see the beautiful shawls!
  12. Massive headache here too, have had it all day. Not sure what the scoop is, but it has inhibited me from getting much of anything accomplished. I planned on working on orders & updating some of my older patterns to match the ones I've published lately. One pattern got updated and that's as far as I have gotten. I am going to get some sleep tonight & try again tomorrow!
  13. I am hoping someone out there has a few hours this evening and would be willing to test my Customized Crochet Tutu Skirt pattern? The part that takes the longest is cutting the tulle to size! The pattern is adjustable, but I am only asking that you make the smallest one for testing purposes. Materials required: Rolls of 6” wide tulle in desired colors ~ one roll of each color, and one roll will be plenty if you wish to do a solid skirt Length of ½”, ¾” or 1” knit elastic Sewing needle & thread Scissors Yarn needle Worsted or Aran yarn in desired waistband color H or I hook ~ gauge is not critical Tape Measure I just need one, maybe two testers that can finish this item within 24 or less hours. Please PM me with your email address if you can help! Thanks so much!
  14. I have to say, since the Persephone is the one I am really wanting to make for my fair entry I doubt I'll be able to participate in the CAL unless it wins. And, if it doesn't, I will probably start a separate CAL just for those of us who would want to make that particular one. Not that the others aren't beautiful, as they are indeed, but because I have to manage my time so strictly that I won't be able to devote proper attention to a project that isn't a "need to complete" item. I run on fumes as is and don't get the chance to crochet for myself anymore.. ahhh the woes of having a business! At least it is something I do love doing!
  15. Yes, a few more 6 inch squares in the black, gray, white & pink combinations are needed!
  16. The Persephone is a stunning pattern, well written and the results are amazing! I bet in WW it would be so warm & snuggly!
  17. My grand total received in March was 45 squares Katie... Total I have all together from when I started: 67! Just 21 six inch squares shy of finishing! (And it is going to be HUGE!) Tonya, your squares will go out this week. Sorry they will be late but I have them here, just need to get a puffy
  18. Welcome! I will be glad to help. Any particular size square? I have plenty of those colors and would love to send some!
  19. I voted for Pesephone! I have made that one before, and it was my first large project completed with lace-weight yarn. I already have the yarn ready to make another, plus since I wish to enter a shawl into our county fair, it only seems natural to make one I am comfortable with. It's in the lead right now and I am hoping it wins! Goooooo PERSEPHONE!
  20. Published another pattern today to Ravelry. Will upload to Etsy & Craftsy soon. Here is the link to the hat: Newborn Baby Chick Hat I hope you all like it!
  21. Unlike a lot of the patterns out there, this one has a row that covers the knots where the tulle is attached for a more finished result. Plus, it is available in any size you can imagine, with a very simple guideline on how to adjust the pattern for the size needed. Here are the links to the pattern! Etsy Ravelry Craftsy
  22. Raining & much cooler today than it has been the past few. I have plenty to do and I've dallied around long enough this morning. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, no matter the weather!
  23. The stitch is sc, dc, but they are done in separate stitches instead of the same... sc, then dc in next st... on the next row this is reversed. It works up quickly (made that one in just one day). Since I have found that stripe generator it's my first stop when I want something with stripes. LOVE it!
  24. Hi Ann! Here is my favorite 'go-to' afghan pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dainty-textured-baby-blanket And a pic of one that I made with a matching pair of booties last summer. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=437310416279074&set=a.388878657788917.98426.388864354457014&type=3&theater You can easily do this blanket in a variety of colors/patterns. I love this site for coming up with random stripes: http://www.biscuitsandjam.com/stripe_maker.php
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