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  1. Well, I feel better knowing that I am not alone in my way of thinking. Thanks everyone! *Another rant... be advised!* LOL I my MIL to pieces but seriously, she has got to learn to quit! She knows I will speak out when I have had enough, it happened about 5 months ago and more recently a month ago. First, it was over a birthday party that my husband and I couldn't stay at, but took the boys to, she was there, and made some crappy remark about not seeing Bentley enough (my stepson), no mention of *MY* 2 boys, when we were leaving and I finally blew my gasket and told her she knows where he lives, at least every 2 weeks when we get our visitation. I think the worst part is when it comes to my stepson. Last month it was about a game I bought my boy for a reward for doing so well on his report card. She doesn't understand that I had already gotten my stepson this game, not that he plays it! and I go mention something about getting 2 new members and its stupid comments like "Just 2?" and "To each their own" that are driving me absolutely bonkers. Yes, for once I did something for one of my sons and not all 3 of them at once. She doesn't ask my permission when buying go carts or the like, so what the heck?! I can take a lot of things, but making dumb comments to irritate me over trivial things that she really doesn't have all of the information on is starting to irk me. And so she says yesterday, after the earring situation that she hopes "My Bentley" doesn't want his done.... well seriously, what if he did? Right now we can't do that for him, given that he doesn't live with us and his mother controls that, but I know his dad is in agreement with the idea. I think it's a control thing for my MIL... she has lost her big influence on all of our decisions in the past year or so and she isn't taking it well! It is a bit cold here too and only supposed to make it into the 60s today. So, I am going gluten free. I have basically discovered on my own, that I am allergic to wheat! A few years ago, I worked in a small deli for the summer and for one of the weeks there, I was swollen, head to toe to the point I could barely walk. I went to the doc, he told me to cut back on salt & drink more water, etc... and put me on water pills. They didn't WORK! I stayed severely swollen for days after the prescription ran out, drinking only water. I thought then it was just not being used to working on my feet all day... I just realized last night, after my 2nd day of being gluten free that the swelling & wheat were related. Working at the deli, handing the breads was my first sign...My husband researched it a bit more and yep, sure enough, my symptoms are spot on with a gluten intolerance! Today is the 2nd day in my journey and the 2nd day I've woke up without feeling bloated & puffy, aching all over and just plain feeling like crud. YAY!
  2. Oh no, that poor little one! See, that is uncalled for. It is wrong to force a little one into something like that. I made the boys wait a LONG time before I knew that it was something they really wanted and they were sure about it. And to ensure it was done professionally rather than with a hot needle & a potato (um, not that *I* ever did anything like that.. ahem! <cough>) I am happy with my decision to let them. Of course my MIL had other ideas. "It's an adult thing"... yet her 8 year old granddaughter has hers done, and that's somehow different? Is it wrong because they're boys? If someone has an answer for this out there, please oh please share it with me! It took me a LOT of effort not to really tell her what I thought about it. She's not well so I try not to take much of it to heart, but lately she's "picking" at things I'm doing as a mom a little more than I am liking. Stupid comments and such that she knows better but is milking the fact that everyone else tiptoes around her or just ignores her... I um, can only take so much before I can't hold the tongue back any longer! UGH people sometimes drive me crazy with hypocrisy! Sorry, I will step down off my soap box for the night. Seems to be a trend for me lately! LOL
  3. Trudy, no worries, I am not going to be irresponsible and go overboard. I complain once in a while (read as A LOT), but I only do as much as I can do physically & mentally ... when I get overwhelmed I quit and take a few days off. If folks can't understand I am not a machine, well I don't need their business anyway! 99% of the people out there understand I'm just one person! I am drinking the energy drink Java Monster Loca Moca but I limit it to one per day and I haven't been drinking soda or other caffeinated drinks with it, mostly water & decaf tea. My persona tells me I should do more but I am listening to my body & letting it guide me. Yesterday, I started a limited/eliminated gluten type diet (nothing official, just nothing with wheat in it) and already today I feel 10x better. So maybe now my focus will come back and I won't feel like I'm not doing enough work... I honestly think that the problems I have been having, that I thought were related to the Lyme disease I had when I was younger are more closely related to gluten intolerance. We shall see! I know waking up 2 lbs lighter didn't hurt my feelings today and I wasn't all swollen like I usually am.
  4. Gonna be an emotional day here.... my "baby" graduates 3rd grade today! I let both of my boys get their ears pierced yesterday, both ears... oldest went first and cried! I felt awful, but he was a champ and went ahead and did the other one too instead of stopping after the first one. Little one is the tough cookie always, and he just cringed and said "OW" after the first. So, guess I am the modern type of mom... however no tattoos till they're of age and definitely no more body modification until they're older. They've begged for years to get them done, started in Kindergarten asking.. I held off. I had promised them this year if they did well in school we'd do it at the start of summer break... and at the salon getting their haircuts for the last day, I caved. They are pretty happy and every person we passed in the stores yesterday afternoon got the update that "we got our ears pierced today".... KIDS! Not sure what anyone else will think, not even sure I care (other family & such) ... if that makes them happy & feel like they have control of their own lives, they will trust me more in the long run and I won't have deviant hoodlums later on! I was able to mail out my FFA puffy yesterday. I am just so glad it went out in the month it was supposed to, instead of sometime in the following one! LOL I hope my partner gets it fairly quick & likes the little "extras" I put in there.
  5. I was able to do a few rows tonight! It's coming along. I worked on it while me & hubby were catching up on some shows from the DVR. My BABY graduates 3rd grade today! I just don't know where time slips off to... very bittersweet! I need more hands. LOL I have more to do than I can get done anytime soon and altho that isn't a complaint, I sort of wish that I was not doing *quite* as well this month as far as orders go! I had to stop taking any new ones and it may be into the first part of June before I even begin to catch up. In between the projects I have to work on are the ones I want to work on and I need to find that happy medium quickly. It isn't helping that my sleep schedule is all goofed up and now I am up all night and sleeping half the day. I think I need a vacation! Still hurts me to turn on the news, so very sad! I too have been praying with my stitches in hopes of alleviating at least some of the pain from those poor families! And, praying that I can get a storm cellar dug in the very near future!
  6. I am on that list! LOL Wow, what a great haul of pretties! I am patiently awaiting my turn to order as well, but my order is tiny in comparison! LOL I just want one single Yorkie hook. I have watched her update her page with your order over the past little bit, ha! I have been bad... not mailed my puffy out yet. Those blasted ends are not weaving themselves in to my dismay. So that's on the agenda to complete tomorrow (er, today since it's 2 in the morning!). Then mailing Wednesday with any luck. Later the storms are supposed to arrive in my area, but all is calm now. My heart hurt so much earlier I could barely stand it and am still emotional just thinking of the tragedy in Moore, OK. ... I think I will have to use some crochet therapy to make it thru the next little while. I see we have a new member (I didn't read all the posts, again I have been a bad squarer this week!) ... so & ! I just finished my homework for the week, a whole 24 hours early so now I am going to try to get some rest before the weather rolls in. I don't think I'll get much sleep but eh, it's worth a shot. Prayers for those in need, hugs to everyone!
  7. First off, let me apologize for not checking in this weekend, it was crazy around here. Second, beautiful job ladies! I wasn't able to work on mine with the kiddos home & we had birthday parties & the like all weekend.... but it made it to about 10" long last I measured .... Third, and most importantly, my heart is so heavy tonight after hearing of the tragic devastation in Moore, OK ... I can't keep my tears held back. I can't even fathom the pain the parents of the children at the elementary school there are feeling. So I ask that we all say our prayers for them and all of those in the path of destruction.
  8. Ok here's a PDF, I think it's better to do it that way, so you can save & reference it offline. I didn't copy the pattern word for word, just tried to give you an idea of where the stitches need to go. Follow the pattern and just use the pictures to help you put the stitches in the right spot! If anything seems unclear, let me know! Persephone Photo Tutorial for CAL Rows 1-7.pdf
  9. There are 22 pictures if that matters. LOL
  10. I'm wondering, do you all want the pictures here in a post or for me to make a PDF file real quick? There are several photos, I could split them up into 2-3 posts or just one document. What do you all prefer?
  11. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. I got it originally when I started making jewelry. Turns out, it works pretty well for crochet items as well! LOL Unfortunately, they don't make that particular one anymore, and I think it was only like $40. Most are more than that now.
  12. Oh, and I forgot, I wanna show you all what I have been doing the past 2 days! My office reorganized, again! Note, there are separate areas for the different yarns: ILTY/ILTC, Yarn Bee, Loops & Threads... LOL Oh and a basket for just the Bernat! It's on the right of the ILTY shelves but I don't think you can really see it in the pictures. Lots of crafty goodness in here!
  13. It will be sort of rounded, since you're doing increases on both sides of the super fan... it will be more pointed at the end, when you add the heart border. Also, my copy of the pattern states that "All rows will begin and end with a v-st" starting at Row 4..... Just a little tidbit there... There are only 4 increases on the ODD rows: in the ch 1 sp following the first v-st, in the first dc of the super fan, in the last dc of the super fan, and in the ch 1 sp at the end of the row before the last v-st.
  14. Here's how I think of it on the EVEN rows.... After the v-st and the first fan, the next v-st will be in the picot of the previous fan... I hope that doesn't confuse anyone... Like this: Row 8: fan, v-st, fan, v-st, fan Row 9: PICOT row Row 10: v-st, fan, v-st, fan, v-st Does that make sense or have I confused you all? LOL I left out beginning V-st and the ch 1s in the example there, but just trying to "show" what goes in the following rounds... I need to get a couple more things done, then I can take some pictures....
  15. Ann I'll work it up and take a few pictures for you. Most likely the V stitch at each end is the culprit! It will be later this evening after I get the office cleaned back up...again!
  16. Decided it would be a good idea to go to Walmart & Hobby Lobby today... with homework due & orders flowing out of my ears! I def should have waited, but at the same time I am thrilled to have turned in my homework with just 22 minutes left on the clock & I scored a little yarn for a fair entry and new shelves to store said yarn on! So, all in all even tho I didn't get any thing done on the shawl again tonight, I did get something accomplished! I'll manage to get it done soon tho so I am not super worried. However, if you guys see me still not working on it at about this time next month, someone come along & put their foot in my rear to motivate me... LOL
  17. Super tired, didn't get a chance to work any more on the shawl tonight, but hopefully will get to tomorrow. It's already fairly large, over 12" across the top and nearly 8" long... that it is going faster than the earlier one, so now I look forward to working on it more than I did originally. How's everyone's coming along? I'd love to see some "in progress" pics! I am headed to bed , lots of homework & crocheting to do tomorrow
  18. Welcome dragnlady5! Glad to have you join us! Ann, no hurry, take your time! I've just restarted the lace weight version. Now I'm using a size 7 hook (4.5 mm). I love the difference in size, speed, and look! I'll upload a pic after a few more rows.
  19. Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having an awesome Mother's Day weekend! Busy bee as usual around here. Was supposed to go looking at dresses with my BFF but there is just not any time. She's not in any rush, but it would have been fun... hopefully one day soon we'll get to go. Back to squares & orders. Have a great one!
  20. Happy Saturday everyone! I haven't worked on the lace weight version since the other night... tsk tsk I need to get to that, but soooo many things going on right now it's hard to find crochet time for myself. LOL But I did start the shawl with some Caron Simply Soft I had lying around that was supposed to be for my Mom's birthday/Mother's Day (oops, late, I know!) so here is a preview of it ~ I used an L hook: That's the first 8 rows... and it measures just shy of 6" long from top to bottom! Big difference than with the lace weight, that's for sure!
  21. You know, I never noticed that! I think my first time around when I made it for Patty, I used the G hook... Now I am using an F for this lace weight yarn... Going to shower & then get back to work on it. Lots of rows to go!
  22. Fabulous! No rush Braxxi, this is a casual CAL ~ join in when you feel the need! No deadlines or any other requirement, except have fun!
  23. Tonya, your puffy went out this morning! I hope you meant it when you said you don't mind weaving in those pesky ends! LOL There are 10 six-inchers headed your way! Now time to get busy! My business is officially 1 year old today! I am doing a giveaway on Facebook if anyone is interested.... (I make jewelry & sew too.. not just crochet! ) Treasures & Trinkets by Tiffany 1st Birthday Celebration Giveaway I have a BIG day today.. lots of projects to work on. Thankfully, no homework until Saturday so I hope to finish up my squares when the dust from today's events settles. Enjoy your day everyone!
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