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  1. When I first saw the pictures of the hat, I saw the knobs of the dresser behind the hat and the way the light hits those knobs it looks like tiny crochet hooks. So I was trying to figure out what those hooks were there for, then I sat back and looked at the whole picture and realized what they really were. Thanks for the pattern, my son-in-law loves the hat.
  2. Two weeks ago my dog (whose name is Ted E. Bear) got hold of my stuffed teddy bear, tore his pretty red ribbon off, and chewed off his eyes. I decided that poor teddy needed a new shirt. I found a pattern for a Pullover Sweater for Babies, at Kelly's blog page, I adapted it and made Teddy a new sweater. I am posting it here with permission from Kelly (who told me she wants to make a couple for her dad & brother). So Kelly, here's to you and your great baby sweater pattern! The sweater pattern can be found at: http://bellabambinaknits.blogspot.com/2007/04/pullover-sweater-for-babies.html My changes are as follows: Body Follow Kelly's pattern to Row 8, Rows 9-15: Ch 3 Do not turn, work in rounds now,dc in each dc around, join. Rnd 16: ch 1 sc around, join. Fasten off. Sleeves Attach yarn at middle of underarm with sl st. Row 1: ch 3, dc around, join. Rows 2-4: Repeat row 1. At the end of Row 4 fasten off. Row 5: join white with sl st in ending st, ch 1, sc around. Fasten off Row 6-7: join gray, ch 1 sc around. Fasten off. Row 8: join white, ch 1 sc around. Fasten off. Row 9-10: join blue, ch 1 sc around. Fasten off. Repeat for other sleeve. Star Ch 2 Rnd 1: 5 sc in second ch from hook, join. Rnd 2: *Ch 9, sc in 3rd ch from, hdc in next 2bch, dc in next 3 ch, skip next sc on first row, sl st in second sc on first row, repeat from * around, join. Rnd 3: Ch 1, *skip next sc, sc in next 7 sts, (sc, ch2, sc in top of arm), sc in next 6 sts, repeat from * around. Fasten off. Rnd 4: join white, ch1, *skip first sc, sc in next 7 sc, ch 3 sl st in first ch (to form picot) sc in next 7 sts, repeat from * around join, fasten off. Sew star to front of shirt. Don't forget to sew buttons on the back like Kelly says.
  3. Teddy's Jersey doesn't look enough like an nfl original to be a copyright problem. It's really cute and I used the cowboy colors, but they can't copyright the colors. As for the construction of the sweater, I followed a pattern cutting out extra rows so that it would fit teddy, and then at the sleeves I wrote my own pattern for the sleeves. So, no one would be able to make this sweater without the original pattern. I will contact the person who wrote the sweater pattern and show her a picture of the sweater and see what she thinks. If she gives me permission then I will show it to y'all. You have given me great info, I really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks, your reply doesn't hurt my feelings, I wanted to know and you told me with no frills attached, I appreciate that. Now, my dog got his teeth on my teddy bear, chewed his eyes off and his red ribbon, my poor bear looked naked, so I decided that he needed a sweater. I wasn't able to find a pattern for a stuffed bear sweater, so I used a pattern for an infant sweater, but I am a dallas cowboys fan, and wanted this sweater to look like a cowboys jersey. I used the infant sweater pattern to get me started, then changed the pattern size and colors, etc. If I were to post the link to the original sweater, and only claim the changes as mine, would that be ethical? I really want to share some of my ideas, but I don't want to be a theif. So if I give credit to the person who created the original work, and just add the changes that I have made, is that really stealing?
  5. I am a pattern collector, I have more patterns than I can count, but whenever I make projects with a pattern that I have found, 7 out of 10 times I change the pattern to suit my personal needs. There are times when I use a pattern to get me started, then run with my own idea, and then there are times when I am working on a project and need to use instructions for certain pieces of other projects to complete my own creation. Either way when I change a pattern I re-write it so that it suits me. If I were to post those patterns that I have changed, would that be considered stealing from the person who created the original pattern? For example: I am crocheting a needle case, I found a great pattern online and saved it, however I don't like certain aspects of the case, so I have changed a row here and there. The changes make the case look different from the pattern I got online. So if I post the re-written pattern, as my own, with mention of where I got the original pattern, is this stealing?
  6. I have decided that it is time to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to use this forum. I have been signed up for several months, I get the updates and love everyone's patterns, but I was not sure how the whole forum thing worked. I have read all the info about posting and threads on this site (thanks so much your info is extremely helpful) and now I am posting my introduction. I am practicaldragonz, I taught myself how to crochet by watching my mother when I was 8, and have been creating ever since. I prefer the patterns and projects that only take a few hours, I have to force myself to finish projects that take longer...I have a tendency of laying a project down and returning to it maybe a year later...lol Anyway, hello and I am very thankful to all of you who work on this forum.
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