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  1. Moms.....could you look at your link? I get an error when I click. THanks for responding to my post, btw
  2. I'm looking for an on-line source of cones or large balls of 20 and 30 crochet cotton. I've done a few searches but not finding anything. oh, and paying by PayPal would be a great addition. Thanks in advance.
  3. If you have worked up the table runner on page 22 of Ondori Crochet Lace 2008, please IM me. (Can't give a name of the pattern as it is in Japanese). Thank you Buck
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I do like it and I hope the recipient will like it, too ( though have to wait until next spring to find out ). KittlyloverDeb, it took about 4 weeks, but I had to do some frogging due to errors, including frogging about 12 inches or so. I wouldn't have frogged that much if the discovered error could have been camoflaged. I got a little discouraged after all that ripping and let it set for almost a week with out working on it. Thanks again for looking and kind words Buck
  5. This is my interlocking crochet 'sampler' afghan. If you are not familiar with interlocking crochet, it is a technique that creates a two-sided piece of fabric. You work both sides/colors at the same time. The patterns are created by crocheting a stitch in front of or behind the corresponding stitch of the other color. Working this technnique takes a lot of concentrating and one should be very comfortable with crocheting to attempt it. Tanis Galik has written a book and posted some instructional videos on the basics on YouTube. Mine has a few errors in it, but I still like it. It is worked in RHSS, is about 60 " x 60 " in Soft Navy and Cornflower blue. I used four 7 oz skeins of each color. I cant post the pix on my blog because the recipient may see it before I give it to her.
  6. I'm looking for on-line patterns for a cloth tablecloth with thread crochet inserts. I found one a few months ago, but can't locate it again. Thanks for your help. Buck
  7. very nice. Scares me to think that one day I wouldn't be able to do my fiber crafts.
  8. Buckleigh


    Great colors! This pattern is def on my TO DO list.
  9. love the stitch and your colors are great looking.
  10. thanks, chichi... having the 'official' name was helpful
  11. My sister mentioned that she likes the type of shawl that covers the upper back and covers the arms with sleeves. I was doing a pattern search, but I realized I don't know the name of this type of shawl/cover-up. Can anyone help me ? Thanks G
  12. Is anyone else watching the repeats of the 70s soap opera RYAN'S HOPE on SoapNet? On the back of Maeve's couch is a yellow and red somewhat checkerboard pattern afghan. It looks like it may be shell-over-shell, maybe... Anyone else see it? I'm usually not drawn to something so basic, but it looks so retro. Buck
  13. those are beautiful. and that pineapple runner on page 19 is so what I've been looking for...but no way can I afford that book.
  14. I'm considering making a tablecloth, or, at the least, a runner, and I've been looking at vintage patterns. So many seem to be written using 30 cotton. I like the idea of the "hand" of the 30, but I wouldn't have to buy anything if I use 10 (this part is a big consideration). For those that have made a tablecloth or runner...what would you suggest ?
  15. I think the link should be www.antiquepatternlibrary.org Buck
  16. speaking from a guy's perspective... WHY ????
  17. What's your favorite size thread? and why? I like 20 the best. 10 seems too big for doilies to me. and 30 too fine, except for a very few designs. Buck
  18. Anyone have any hints on using different size thread and hooks than those called for in the pattern? Is there a conversion chart somewhere?
  19. I'm contemplating a bedspread or tablecloth. Keep on working ! if you can show your progress, I'd love to see it.
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