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  1. ~SWEET~ Great job! ???? ☕
  2. ???? The dishcloths will dull after awhile ...really like any dishcloth will dull. I do find that my handmade ones don't dull as fast. Here are a couple knit ones (my own pattern) that I made These are a couple crochet ones I make as as sets all the time! The round one is one I wrote up also The square one is a simple corner to corner pattern ???? ☕
  3. ???? Lurk all they want! Oh my .... They are so many designs and shapes of dishcloths! I love seeing all the different ones that everyone makes! Topically dishcloths are made of 100% cotton yarn....cotton is very soft! The are awesome for bathing! They hold soap really well... So you don't use as much as store bought wash cloths. I don't buy dishcloths and wash cloths from the stores at all! My mother doesn't either.... She buys me balls of cotton yarn and I make her cloths. The are awesome for gift giving also ... For new born babies....for house warming gifts....newly weds....etc. Hope that helped answer your questions! ???? ☕
  4. ????Thank you darski!!! The pattern is really easy! You'll enjoy it! It became my favorite pattern after the first one I made last year! It holds the first two things my sweet Aunt taught me when she taught me to crochet when I was a child..... Granny stitch & Ripple stitch. ???? ☕
  5. Thanks so much dear!! ???? I do have some patterns I will be sharing....just wanted to make sure,???? I'm working on a Comfort'ghan right now....but when we get home from Christmas vacation I have a handful of hats to make for orders I have. ???? ☕
  6. That's beautiful! ???? Thank you!!!????
  7. ⛅ Good Morning House....... ~HAPPY NEW YEAR~ Mary....you're a sweetheart .... I'm with you though....I miss being here and I'm just not working anymore! I think I'm going to ask to be put on the "sub list" Joanne.... You have a wonderful quiet day!! We're heading out to get some souvenir shopping done. Then back here for a peaceful evening of crocheting for me! Marlene..... Sounds yummy! Have a great day!!! Hugs to you all ???? ☕
  8. ⛅ ☕ ~ Good Morning...... ~Happy New Year~ I'm working on the second Comfort'ghan today. ???? ☕
  9. ⛅ ☕~ Good Morning all..... ~Happy New Year~ I love that hat pattern! I've made a few of them myself! Quick question...... Are we only to make and share hats with patterns available? Are we allowed to share a hat that we may have made on our own that we might not have a pattern for? ???? ☕
  10. ????Evening all....... I would like to play along this year! As it is.... Im working on two Comfort'ghans right now. I will be giving these to two separate families who lost their daughters in a car accident last week. The girls went to school with my boys. It's hit our community hard! This makes the third loss of life of a teen from our high school in the last six months. This is one of the 'ghans so far..... ???? ☕
  11. Oh.... No worries my dear!! ????Thank you for the compliment! ????
  12. ???? Well... here we are again...........I'm carrying this CAL over from last year because like myself.. there are others that enjoy making dishcloths.. and sharing the pics and patterns. A dishcloth is a fun...simple... quick project that 'gives' in so many ways. I feel great when making one ..because I can finish it in no time. I feel good being able to give them away as gifts... and they put a smile on someones face when they receive one! So..... all that said....... lets get to having some fun with dishcloths. ~ pop in whenever you can.... share a dishcloth or simply comment on someone elses. ~ share a link or pattern so we can all play ~ dont forget pictures of your beautiful work ~ most of all.......... have fun! No pressure.... No demands... No deadlines... just come play in the cotton yarn Previous Dishcloth CAL links: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/sh...ad.php?t=61718 http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=94707 http://www.crochetvi....d.php?t=111559 http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/144065-dishcloths-of-2013-cal/ Pattern : Crochet Pattern Central Dishcloths http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/dishcloths.php ChrisCrossCrafts~FreeDishcloths http://www.chriscrosscrafts.com/free/dishclothes.htm Fish Dishcloth http://dishclothcorner.blogspot.com/2008/06/fish-washclothdishcloth.html http://dishandwashclothmania.com/cloths-crochet/ 365 dishcloth challenge http://www.bestfreecrochet.com/?cat=75 Flowers go round http://coffeencrafts.blogspot.com/2013/01/freebie-friday.html ???? ☕
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