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  1. :sun


    Good Morning everyone.....

    hope this day finds you well!

    Have some errands to run... then home to work on my flower seed business... then relax with my hook and yarn!

    Its going to be a hot one today... already 80* here.   So indoors it is for this old lady!  :)


    have a great day!!!!

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  2. ....as promised, a pic of ghan #1 for my friend. I'm kind of bored with polar bear - and will see if she wants something different for #2. Like maybe a wolf or German shepherd...

    It's 52 inches square. Not posting to FB till she gets it tomorrow when they visit. It took me 2 1/2 weeks to make - other than finishing touches last night. Remember, though, when you think it was fast: I have no 2 footed kids at home, no grandkids, and a hubby who helps with the housework...

    and I also finished reading Dan Brown's INFERNO last night. I think I'm ADD....LOL!

    That is so cool!  LOVE IT!​




    Tam ~ Sending you and the kids lots of gentle hugs and prayers. :hug    It's so good to see you here again. :manyheart


    Judy ~ Oh my!  The afghan is gorgeous!  Your friend will be thrilled. :yes


    Marlene ~ I bet Maya will learn to crochet quickly!  Will she be with you all summer?


    More later!  I'm putting the house back together...one room at a time. Lol

    Thank you!!!  It feels good to be here!  Missed you guys a lot!!!

  3. @teakaycee what is the pattern for the headband/earwarmer? it is so cute! and my friend has a babygirl on the way! Thanks~!

    The headband is an adult size and a collaboration of a couple different patterns.


    I love the colourations for this great jelly bean hat




    I got pics of some hats I made this week and will get them processed and post them later today.

    Too Cute!!!





  4. Tam, is that a free pattern? Do you have a link? It is absolutely lovely.

    Bailey, did you enjoy the game? What a disappointment. I asked for a good, close game and look what we got. Good thing the kitten bowl and the puppy bowl were on too.

    Thank you sweetie! No it's not free....but can be found here...

    TrèsChic Hat~ http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tres-chic



    Thank you my dear! ????


    Also got another Tezzie hat done. I can make them without looking at the pattern now. This one is made from a slightly thinner yarn, so it is a bit smaller. I am working on an oatmeal colored one now that is going to be gorgeous.


    Too too cute!!




  5. :sun ...... Good afternoon friends!

    How has everyone been? Good I hope! Been super busy here! Getting orders and gifts done .. :whew

    I have another dishcloth set in the works....have had to keep putting it down to work on something else!


    Melani........ Lovely dishcloth and scribble!! Lola is adorable!!!


    Well ... This is a quick stop in!

    Just wanted to say :hi. Hi!


  6. :sun

    ☕ ~ Good afternoon House!

    Finally getting a chance to really sit and surf the 'ville!

    Look at how busy you all are!!! My goodness!

    You all are the best! I love reading all your awesome posts of such love and support of each other here! This is the best group!!

    Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!!????


    I've been busy working on crochet orders and gifts! In between spending time with my mom and getting Vehicles fixed!

    One of my dear friends is a huge Broncos fan!

    So .... This was her birthday gift from me!


    Taking these two pictures outside made the orange really bright!

    ~ Ruffle scarf...



    ~ Infinity scarf...



    ~ Her whole gift...





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