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    Robin Danish
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    I'm 47 (Sept.) Just celebrated our 24th Wedding Anniversary
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    Brodheadsville, PA
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    Crochetin "Hugs" for Special People
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    Stay at Home Mom
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    Afghans "Huggs"
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    Since 1978
  1. :thinkHi Crochet friends! Remember the 70's? LOL well I'm trying to locate a pattern for the Shagg jacket/sweater . Some people call it Loop others refer to it as Shagg ?? Any help would be wonderful! thanks "hugs" to all Crochethuggs
  2. Thanks Craziebunny for the Welcome Crew!
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm really excited that my Husband found this site for me:cheer Can't wait to meet new friends and exchange ideas. I crochet ALL the time. So much so that when I was at a recent AAA Yankee's game I got caught crocheting and was on the BIG SCREEN
  4. Hello Neighbors! I'm looking for an Irish Pattern for a Christening Gown. Any help or direction would be greatly helpful. I have till March of 09! But I'm a blanket crocheter and this will be a challenge. So thank you in advance for your support!
  5. Hello! I'm new to Crochetville, although I've been crocheting since I was a junior in HS. (1978) I've been crocheting HUGS for people for the past 4 years. I make blankets for people that I feel just need a HUG. Soooooooooo about every 3 wks a new HUG comes from me to whomever. I also make ponchos/shawls for our local Relay for Life . I live in Brodheadsville, PA and just celebrated Our 24th Wedding Anniversary ! We have two daughters, one in Huntington Beach , CA and another in Manchester,VT.
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