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    Stay at home Mom, going to school to be a teacher (hopefully 1st grade!)
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    Since I was about 7, so about 20 years!
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    Baby Blankets, hats, Kitchen stuff, lapghans, mostly everything except clothes!
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  1. handcraftedinala

    Nursing home ideas

    Received your package today. She will be thrilled to take them. Thank you so much for your generosity!!!!! Charissa
  2. handcraftedinala

    Nursing home ideas

    Alright, I sent you a pm.
  3. handcraftedinala

    Nursing home ideas

    I am sure that she would be happy to take them as well. This is a project that she is doing with the kids at her church so they will be bringing in purchased items as well.
  4. handcraftedinala

    Nursing home ideas

    A friend of mine is bringing some goodies to a nursing home for Christmas. i would like to make a few things to give to her to bring as well. Any ideas of what is most needed? I don't have much time so I am looking for smaller things to make. I thought of fingerless gloves and maybe shawls. Also, what colors do you think? Thanks in advance for any help! Charissa
  5. handcraftedinala

    A different kind of charity project... FLDS yarn

    What a wonderful thing you are doing for these children. Even if we agree/disagree with their religious beliefs, they are still kids and they are probably scared about what is going to happen in the future. I pray that the love that is shown to them now is something they will carry with them in the future.
  6. handcraftedinala

    Granny Mums

    Beautiful. I hope your aunt enjoys it.
  7. handcraftedinala

    Scarves for victims of abuse, pattern ideas added post 963

    What a wonderful idea! I hope you are able to help many others!
  8. handcraftedinala

    You know you are addicted to C'Ville when...

    So hilarious, but so true!!
  9. handcraftedinala

    Pastel and Green set

    What a beautiful set! I love the colors!
  10. handcraftedinala

    Personalized Character Blanket

    What a cute blanket! I love the personalization.
  11. handcraftedinala

    Girlie Flower Round Ripple

    What a beautiful blanket. I love the bright pink!
  12. handcraftedinala

    baby shower afghan

    What a beautiful blanket!
  13. handcraftedinala

    ? About "Wish Lists"

    I have been wondering about these too. Thanks for the info!
  14. handcraftedinala

    Beaded Spiders

    I saw some spiders really similar to these at a recent craft show. They came with a poem about the Christmas spider. I had never heard of it before. They are really pretty though.