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  1. Thank you to chedges1! I absolutely love the purse you made! Thank you so much for the lip balm and the sunscreen, they will definately come in handy. I love the hook holder and the hook you included, thank you so very much! I am almost done, I will have your package out in a couple of days. I am sorry for my slowness. I will post pics when I get home today and show everyone.
  2. You know I wondered the same thing. Now I know. The only think That I could think of was the crackers LOL.
  3. Besides white how about a light turqois type color? I think that looks good with brown. Or maybe some orange?
  4. I havent had that happen per say, but rather I was working on my own pattern, writing out my details. Well hubby needed to use my computer for a minute because his was at his office. well Thinking that if he closed it he would know to save changes at least or minimize it out of the way. NOPE! he closes it and chose do not save changes. I was mad. I was like why wouldnt you have asked me first! Luckily I remembered what I had written and what I have done. but still, this is why he does not use my computer!!!!
  5. I haven't really gotten the grandma comments yet, and I am only 31. But I do get the "What are you knitting?" all the time, doesnt bother me to much, its when you tell the same person over and over that you crochet not knit and yet they still say knit. :shrug
  6. Thank you to the fairy godmother in Oklahoma for the beautiful beads! They are beautiful , I love them! It was a nice surprise and definately made my day!!!
  7. Spongebob Grannysquarepants The Real Hookers Of New York (LOL, ok needs a little work) Americas Funniest Projects The Patterns Of Our Lives My Name Is Yarnaholic or My Name Is Crochetaholic
  8. Project stashaway Crochet Anatomy Crochetville (hehehe instead of "Smallville") The Next Top Pattern One Ball Fill Crafty Minds SnipSnip/Weave
  9. I watch it whenever I can here. Its on at noontime sometimes, or on at midnight, Ive even seen it on at 4 pm here. I enjoy it. I see Drew on it alot, I really like his designs.
  10. I would definately talk to the manager! If you don't she may do it to other customers. I see no reason why you couldnt just buy a ball winder without the swift. I would talk to the manager, tell the manager that not only was she rude and snobbish after learning you were a crocheteer and not a knitter and because of thjat they lost a sale and that you brought your business elsewhere. I dont think he/she will like that! Unless of course they are snobbish towards crocheters too.
  11. Just sent in my survey. I participated last year also and really liked the purse I recieved! Cant wait to start this one.
  12. I chose other, because I wanted to choose all three. I crochet whenever I get the chance, morning, noon, night. week day or week end. The minute I have a free chance, I am always crocheting.
  13. Thanks everyone! You can now find the pattern in the original pattern Links, because I made him into a pdf file.
  14. Here is the pattern for Flux finally! Now with clearer photos of him. I made him into a pdf file because the pattern was a bit long. I am using a file hosting site for the pdf file because blogger doesnt host files, and I am not that great with pdf files. If you need help, have questions or find errors please feel free to contact me. Flux The Amigurumi Gremlin
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