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  1. Thanks for sharing. I have the original phamplet, but the print is so small, its hard to read, so this way I can read it cause the fonts are so much larger:)
  2. I just mailed out Nicole P's package today. I hope she likes it. I guess I'll have to learn how to make a scarf the way she made mine, it is just fabulous:) Its been fun to see everyone's work, so much to admire--
  3. Hi everyone, I was so excited yesterday, I received my scarf from NicoleP The scarf is so beautiful, and a matching hat( I really like the way the hat and scarf are made, the pattern is beautiful and I 'll be warm wearing both) and some goodies for my dogs, one of their favorite bones to snack on and some very lovely scented lotion, soap, lip balm and scrub, plus a dishcloth that is going to come in handy I also got to know a very thoughtful person, seems we have a lot in common. I look forward to continuing a new found friendship. Thank you Nicole for your thoughtfullness and making this swap an enjoyable one:)
  4. I've subscribed to Crochet World for a few years off and on. I finally decided to try another mag, Crochet Today. I think I'll use more patterns from this mag as opposed to CW, I've very seldom used a pattern from CW and have ended up giving the mag away; they had too many "cutsey" patterns, which I'm not into, such as crocheted footballs, aprons, etc. So I 'll see how this first year issue goes, although I think CT is a little expensive, hope it justifies the cost:)
  5. Almost finished with Nicolep's scarf; I like it so much, if it weren't for the swap, I'd keep it:lol I'm using a varigated yarn, it seems to compliment the pattern very well. Maybe I'll make another one:), I'm not a fast crocheter, I have to look at every stitch as I do make them, I have a friend who can crochet with her eyes closed, it seems, she crochets a lot of prayer shawls and baby afghans, it takes her no time to do them and they are always so beautiful:)
  6. What a great job Auntie Bubbles does matching our partners! I've enjoyed getting to know my partner. I was about a quarter of the way along with her scarf and i had to rip it:eek, I loved the color that I had picked, the yarn didn't "lay" like I wanted, so I had a back up:yes color and yarn picked out as well and I'm now using that yarn. I love the pattern, it comes from a pattern book of the 1970's, I hope nicolep likes it to.
  7. Hats! thought I've crocheted for many years, I've never made hats until my daughter wanted one to match her jacket. Bev with country cottage has some wonderful beginners patterns that she has posted freely, so I tried one and am hooked:hook
  8. So sorry for your loss; I'd like to help, pm me your address, is there a deadline for having the squares ready?
  9. Sending up prayers, pm me your address, I'd like to mail a square to you.
  10. JoBug, you're faith will be your strength as you deal with whatever comes your way. This shows in the words that you wrote, what an inspiration you must be to those who know you. I hope that you will feel better next week and that you're surgery goes well. Many prayers sent your way:)
  11. I didn't know that single crochet could be done in so many different ways. I purchased this book a couple of weeks ago and I'm anxious to get started. I'm planning on using a lot of the patterns for my charity squares:)
  12. Hello all:) I have for sale a box of vintage Red Heart, Herrschnerrs and others. There are 32 skeins including 7 partials, the partials have not been used as much except for one skein. There are several skeins of knitting weight yarn--some skeins are orlon sayelle or orlon acrylic, except the RH, being acrylic worsted. 2 of the RH are 8 oz super savers, the rest is rh classic. There is 2 Caron (full--one has no lable). http://www.villagephotos.com/pubbrowse.asp?folder_id=2050381 I am asking $18 plus shipping by parcel post. Payment is desired by pay pal or USPS money order only. Your box will be shipped within 3 days of payment cleared. If anyone is interested, please pm me for a shipping quote or to ask any questions; if the quoted shipping price is lower than what the actual charge is, I will refund the difference to you. thank you for looking
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