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    I work full-time but still find time to crochet!
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    Crocheting, reading, spending time with friends
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    Legal Adminstrative Assistant
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    Anything new!
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  1. I crochet on the bus on the way into and from work. Just simple things on these trips but if I'm in the car for a roadtrip, I bring a bigger project. It makes the time fly!
  2. Minders13

    Need a name for these guys!

    These are super cute! Here are some names... Dexter the Lion Honey (Bear) I know very original. Violet (Bunny)
  3. Minders13


    Too cute! I love the rooster on the top!
  4. Minders13

    My "just for me" blanket

    Really nice! It looks very comfy!
  5. Minders13

    Animal blanket

    That is really cute! You could just save it for yourself and use it at your home. It could become something that they remember only you having (kind of like a tradition). This is a really fun blanket!
  6. Minders13

    Crocheting Heresies

    I don't get crocheted bikinis or underwear. Some days I don't spend much time with my family because I am crocheting. <-addict My parents gave me a ton of homespun yarn for my birthday because I made my mom a hat and scarf out of it for Christmas...they think I love homespun...I don't. I love searching for new patterns. I don't get posting a pattern without a picture of the finished project. I don't like sewing squares together.
  7. Minders13

    I'm Having a No Hair Day Hat!

    What a fun project! I agree that the P hook would be too big to use with fun fur (for this project anyway).
  8. Minders13

    Green Quilt Ghan

    That is really nice! I love the colors!
  9. Minders13

    dress and booties

    Very cute! Just in time for spring!
  10. Minders13

    Babette blanket for my daughter

    Great job! I like the colors - they aren't too bright and they aren't too old for a 5 year old.
  11. Minders13

    half circle purse

    Nice! I like the shape, it's great to see something other than rectangle or square.
  12. Minders13

    Latest Afghan

    Wow! That is amazing! Excellent job!
  13. Minders13

    Some Snuggles I've made...

    I want to snuggle! lol! Those are really nice. Great job!
  14. Minders13

    Crochet depression

    Try a new crochet technique? Buy yarn in a color that you normally wouldn't buy? Find a crochet night at a local craft store? I agree that you should make something for yourself.
  15. Minders13

    My take on a cheer skirt *updated with pattern*

    This is super cute! What size did you make it? My daughter is a size 3T - 4T. I'd love the pattern.