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    I have three children 2 yrs., 10, and 12.
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    I love to crochet, read, and plastic canvas.
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    Afghans and Doilies
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    I have been crocheting since I was fourteen. My mother taught me with the granny square pattern.

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  1. Thanks y'all! I still have Angry Birds, Woodstock, and Snoopy to go. lol.
  2. More hats that I have made. This one of Scooby Doo and is my own pattern. The Owl is Repeat After Me bloggers design. The Mickey hat is my own pattern with an applique hand sewn on.
  3. Thanks Jill! I used a tutorial on Youtube to learn the stitch and how to do color changes. But it did not tell me what constitutes a row. lol.
  4. Here is the pattern: http://tinyurl.com/6vx9njq Thanks y'all!
  5. Hi! I know when you have flood waters in your house that you are not supposed to use any of the linens, etc. So if you could pm me your address, I will send some dishcloths I have made and a few hats.
  6. Thanks to both of you! crsheridan- I used a tutorial video on youtube. It uses a whole towel with the topper, not just half. I found this easier than when I tried to do half ones. When she says it does not matter how many stitches though (It really does matter if you are making two of them. lol). Also, do not crochet as tightly as I did. That is why mine look a little twisted. They will loosen up with washing though. Make sure you do an edging around the towel topper when finished, it just gives it a cleaner look. I used the reverse single crochet edging. I hope this helps!
  7. Here is a few of the towel toppers I have made recently.
  8. This is basically my own pattern. I did steal the eyes and nose from another pattern but all the rest is my own. What do you think of my mannequin?
  9. Been making lots of hats and stuff this past month. Here is one.
  10. Okay, I have the pattern and the hook. I have practiced the stitch. Now when I go to change colors, should it always be done on the reverse pass or does the combination of the two (1 forward pass and 1 reverse pass) count as one row?
  11. No, this is not cross stitched. Thank you though! I may have to just find a graph to do it. It was a rectangle afghan (might even be knitted, but just looking for something close to do in crochet) with a green border, brown bear, and a coral bow on a cream colored background. Of course, the colors were probably changed. I can make it anyway I want, but really wanted to come close to the afghan her grandma made her.
  12. Those are cute! But not what I am looking for. Thank you though! It needs to be one big bear done in tunisian, single or half double in a graph style pattern.
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