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  1. Thanks Cris. I'll take a better look at the list to decide where to send mine since OK isn't participating.
  2. Half finished with my first scarf. I have realized that I need to get some non girly scarf patterns in my resources, lol.
  3. I use the ILTY a lot too. It's reasonably priced and very soft.
  4. I didn't participate nearly enough last year. My only resolution this year is to reach out more and become more involved in the charity work that I enjoy so much so I am rededicating myself to this cause. I hope I can still participate.
  5. Great motto Kathryn. I just made a spreadsheet to add to my notebook with this information on it so I can start sending you things. I will send things your way as I go along throughout the year. Please PM me your information and I'll get these hats out to you next week. Such a great cause.
  6. I have several preemie size hats that were made with a mix of acrylic and "fuzzy" yarns, like fun fur and sadly can not find anywhere to donate them. Would you be able to use them since they have the fun fur type yarns in them?
  7. I bought a skein of each color and will get to work on them this weekend. My state isn't participating (sadly) and I missed the deadline for Kansas so I think I will be sending my work to Texas. That way it's somewhat local. I do want to look into why Oklahoma isn't participating though.
  8. I go through cycles like this all the time. Sometimes (like right now) I just don't feel like working on anything. And so I don't. I use the time to read, surf blogs I love, bake, or just hang out around the house. I know soon enough the crochet bug will bite again and I'll want to do nothing else. Just roll with it.
  9. I am always a little sad when I see posts like this. I completely understand the feeling of working very hard to make something for someone and having it completely disregarded. But my feelings would be just as hurt at that reaction to something that I bought from a store for a person. Every gift I give is given after a great deal of thought and planning. That being said it is a gift. Something that the other person is free to do what they like with. I love handmade items but just like "storebought" items there are some things that wouldn't fit into my decorating style (or lack thereof) and so I probably would do the same thing. Donate them or pass them on to someone that I think will appreciate it. I would expect the same thing from someone that I gave a gift too. I wouldn't want anyone to feel badly about not wanting to keep something or feel obligated to keep it just in case I ever mentioned it or came by. I think it's better to pass it on someway than to trash it or simply put in away in a box to never see the light of day. Just because someone doesn't keep something does not mean that they did not appreciate the love and hardwork that went into it. I guess that's just something that my mother and grandmother passed down to me, they are both incredible crafters but they make things and give them to people because they want to. It brings them (and me) happiness to make things and that is the real gift. I'm glad you were able to bring your creation home.
  10. haha. Guess I need to update my stash a bit huh, lol. Good luck with your redo, I'm sure it will be beautiful.
  11. Here's the only picture I could find and you really can't tell that it's all those colors. That should give you an idea of how pastel they are. Very pretty though.
  12. Yes it's a multi color. Very pale pastels, typical baby pink, blue, yellow, white.
  13. The peach fuzz I have is actually an ombre. For some reason I really thought it was a blue. But I couldn't find the pink either that I know I have so it's possible it simply got put somewhere else. I'll keep looking. You're welcome to the ombre if you can use it for anything.
  14. I might have some in my stash actually. I know I still have some in pink but not sure about the blue. It's out in my storage so I'll have to look tomorrow, it's cold and dark out there. Otherwise my hobby lobby did have some peach fuzz yarn last time I was there.
  15. Personally I don't think it's appropriate. I am a huge fan of taking my crochet with me most anywhere I go so that I'll have something to work on if I have downtime. However, I don't consider church downtime. I think it would keep me from paying full attention and even if it didn't it would give off the impression that I wasn't paying attention. Or wasn't interested enough in what was being said to put my own things aside. It's not worth offending anyone just to fit in that extra hour.
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