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  1. The chain stitch into which a stitch is to be made can be marked in bold face. Or a small caret (^) can appear under the chain stitch. Sometimes, the pattern grapher simply has text explaining that stitches are made into rather than around the chain.
  2. What a great idea for an internet forum! Crocheters could get the same set of randomized instructions, one at a time, and post their results. Now, who will write the program? randomized crochet instructions: turn chain 5 skip 3 join change color dc in next st front post tr in previous stitch etc
  3. All three of the books mentioned have valuable information. They occupy honored places on my bookshelf. Here is a link to a fourth publication, which analyzes selectet patterns in detail: http://nhswinc.com/AntCro0.html
  4. New Hampshire Software presents a book analyzing English language crochet patterns published between 1840 and 1900. This PDF has a representative selection of actual patterns along with charted diagrams and sample pieces. It discusses the pattern writers, as well as the development of pattern writing styles and evolution of crochet stitches. If you are interested in the history of crochet, please visit nhswinc.com to find out more. Look for Antique Crochet. I have crocheted, mostly in thread, for over 60 years. The origins of crochet have always fascinated me, so I spent the past few years collecting what antique publications I could. I charted several of the smaller pieces and made them up in thread so I could see what the pattern writer wanted, not always easy. Finally, I actually organized the work and wrote it up in a coherent fashion. This publication is the result. NHSW has been in business for several years. It's most recent software application is SymblCro, which helps produce crochet pattern diagrams. This Windows program is also available on the site.
  5. Would you please tell us what magazine you are looking at, name and issue? Perhaps one of us could dig out the instructions for you. I recognize the pattern but don't remember where in my stash it is.
  6. Jsilvers

    Chart symbol?

    The V is not actually a stitch symbol; it's an arrow pointing to a chain stitch. Usually the arrow indicates that a stitch is to be made into the chain stitch pointed to, rather than around the chain. The pattern points to a chain stitch with 5ch loops above it. Since this is a pineapple figure, I think the loops are to be joined to the chain stitch with a single crochet into the chain stitch. For some reason, the graph omits the single crochet. ch 5, sc into next ch, ch 5, sc into next ch, ...etc
  7. Since I do not buy individual patterns, I had to divide the number of patterns in the magazines and books I bought into the total I spent on those publications. That's why the most and least expensive patterns had the same price.
  8. Making doilies is what I do with doilies. Seeing the straight thread turn into a stunning design gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. I have a glass topped serving cart, and my latest production goes on top until displaced by the next. When I bring a bottle of wine as a hostess gift, I wrap one of my larger doilies around it. It's so much more appealing than a paper bag.
  9. Thanks for your replies. I am a one person operation and developed the software entirely on my own. Consulting lawyers is way out of my budget. I have done some research on the Chinese site, Taobao. It is known for selling pirated software and other electronic documents. They probably victimize small time sellers like me because they can get away with it. They have some other crochet software on their page alse. For SymblCro, they have posted screen shots from my site, and what looks like a Chinese translation of my FAQ page. Ironically, on their contact page, they brag that they are honest. I will try communicating with them directly through Google translate.
  10. A Chinese website has paid me the sincerest form of flattery by pirating and selling my crochet software, wthout acknowledgement or compensation. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Have I any recourse? I used Google to send a message on their support site. Unfortunately, 30 characters in English say a lot less than 30 Chinese characters. It seems that the Chinese have no respect for any form of copyright.
  11. This kind of injury happened to me also. Part of the damage resulted from the time I spent at my computer, mousing around. So, I learned lefthanded mousing. For a while, I wore a brace, but I found that I recovered better without it, since I was (am) too stubborn to stop work. That was over 20 years ago, and I've had no trouble since.
  12. If you want chart symbols for back and front loop and back and front post stitches, please consider SymblCro. I have posted a sample using these symbols in a photo album on the SymblCro discussion site showing these stitches, changing colors and thicknesses of the stitches so you can see the separates stitches made into a single stitch. The sample shows back loop sc's behind front post dc's and front loop dc's. An alternative would be to place the front dc's above the sc's and use dotted lines to show they are made in the same stitch. You can do this with SymblCro also. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/symbolcrochet/
  13. Heavy duty spray starch when the item is being blocked works for me. I prefer my projects to have some body, rather than be stiff.
  14. No one I know will ever be in want of a doily. Actually, they have more than enough. I crochet because I just like the feeling of the thread and hook moving in my fingers, turning into a stunning design. As a habit, it costs little, or would if I weren't a threadaholic.
  15. For decades I have been crocheting mostly with size 30 Cebelia in a variety of colors, but I find the pinks and yellows somewhat off. So I spent yesterday searching the Web for size 30 Presencia thread, which I had used previously. Finally I found http://tattingcorner.com/ Their Tatting Thread page had Presencia and Omega threads on sale, because their colors are being discontinued. Tatting corner is selling their remaining stock of these threads. When they're gone, there won't be any more. If you like these threads, get them while you can. They are both good quality thread and their colors are beautiful. I find both softer than Cebelia, but the colors are much nicer. I bought enough thread to get free shipping. The Presencia is expensive, and the Omega colors are selling out fast. They come in other sizes also.
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