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  1. sorry, I forgot to update the topic area.
  2. I am looking for the dolls (bears) figures
  3. Found the pattern does anybody have this book that would like to sell it? I am looking for a pattern to make for my granddaughter that loves the care bears. Thanks
  4. dizzy

    baby onesy

    I am looking for a onesy crochet pattern. Would like to make one for my new granddaughter due in Aug
  5. I vote for round ripples. Depending on how you work your colors, they come out very beautiful and are easy to do.
  6. does anyone have a cute pattern for a toddler hat with flaps? My granddaughter needs one and I promised I would make her one.
  7. wow that is absolutely gorgeous. very nice job
  8. dizzy

    Trellis yarn

    I was just given some Trellis yarn. Has anyone ever made a necklace from this? The person who gave it to me, wants a tubelar necklace made. I have never worked with this type of yarn before:think
  9. Kidge, I am so glad that you like everything. Did you also get the goodies for your dog? I had so much fun getting this package ready. And received a great package from you. I had a lot of fun on this swap and will have to do it again if it comes up next year
  10. I just got my package out to Kidge. Hope she likes it
  11. Well I couldn't wait any longer and opened the package and got a wonderful surprise. I just love all the you sent me. (I have been trying to upload the pics, but for some reason they won't upload) so I will have to tell you what I got instead:) I got a really nice yarn bag that holds a ton of stuff and it was filled with 10 skeins of Vanna White yarn in dark blue, med blue, silver blue, varigated blue, 2 Sugar N Cream cotton in wine and dark green and also got size 10 thread in brown. 5 free Bernat patterns -two afghans, 3 christmas projects beautiful crochted pink and black yarn hook holder with 3 boye crochet hooks great pair of scissors package of yarn sleeves-always wanted some, but never picked up 2 great smelling candles a really neat snail wind chime 2 packs of chocolate-had to hide those from husband and son It was a wonderful package. Thanks so much Kidge. I loved all of it. now I have to work on getting yours out.
  12. So I got my package and really want to tear into it, but feel guilty because I won't be able to get mine out until Sat. So Kidge what do you want me do, wait or attack
  13. I am almost done and hope to get my package out by Thursday. Just a few more items and it will be ready. Whew what choices I had to make. But it sure has been fun.
  14. I found my kaboodle:clap Now to finsh getting the things for the pattern, a couple of additional things for my patner and then I will be ready to ship my package out.
  15. Bernat softee baby is great for the clothes, booties, etc and I love using Caron Simply Soft for the afghan.
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