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  1. hello this is my first sale post in ages just to let you know we have a beautiful bear pattern up for sale http://www.shifio.co.uk/patterns/257.html has anyone made it yet?? would love to see the finished results Fiona
  2. sorry i hadn't realised the crochetville coupon had expired, i have now updated it and so you can use it again "VILLE" Thank you Fiona
  3. Hi there this the link for our free pattern for the Amanda Jane Pattern http://www.shifio.co.uk/free/amandajaneUSA.htm
  4. Hi i just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new pattern up it is called Wrap you in my heart shawl & pillow pattern you can buy here hope you all like it
  5. Hi everyone it has been awhile since we had a new crochet pattern so this is it rippled matinee set pattern#93 includes, jacket, shorts, bonnet & bootees please click her to see more photos and purchase
  6. Hi this is our new pattern fits 10-12" emmy and 14-16" doll hope you all like it
  7. HI all My Emmy Christening Set pattern is available. It comes with bonnet, mittens, bootees and dress.
  8. Hi thank you all for all your lovely comments sure does make it all worth while thanks
  9. Hi everyone i did say i had a few patterns back from the testers!! this is the last, for a short time anyway!! It is for the clown suit it is for 0-3 months( we do have for 10-12" & 14-16" on another pattern) Hope you all like it http://www.shifio.co.uk/crochet/clown57.htm
  10. hi she is am ashton drake matthew, with a new wig, eyelashes and half the colour removed from his face!!! i just wanted to thank you all for all the wonderful comments on our pattern Thank You!!!!!!!
  11. Hi I got a few patterns back quite close together from the tester This is for a double breasted jacket, tam hat and shoes again for 0-3months, 20-22" at the moment http://www.shifio.co.uk/crochet/jacket87.htm
  12. Thank you all i really enjoyed putting it together and so did my tester she said that it was easy to do and no mistakes to yea!!!!!
  13. Hi i just wanted to share our newest pattern:clap it is for 0-3months 20-22" dolls at the moment hope you all like it you can find it at http://www.shifio.co.uk/crochet/scallop86.htm
  14. Hello from scotland i have only been on here a short while but they all seem so nice Welcome!
  15. Hello from Inverness,scotland everyone is so nice and helpful on this board enjoy
  16. Hi thank you all for your warm wishes of welcome!!!! And thank you to everyone who had a look at my designs you are all so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Hi I love what you have done with our design, so cute and you have adapted the white girls one so well with the brown fluffy edging well done For London Laura it is number 2 pattern
  18. Hi you may want to try our website http://www.shifio.co.uk we mainly deal with baby patterns, blankets, hats, dresses trousers etc and they are rated for ease by crochet testers
  19. Hi This is my new pattern for a 3 different loppy hats, Boys helmet, Girls bonnet & Girls beanie in 5 sizes preemie, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months. 12-24 months I have had it tested and she gave it a fairly easy rating hope you all like it http://www.shifio.co.uk/crochet/Loopy84.htm
  20. Hi I am Fiona have been crocheting for what seems like forever can't not crochet and if my husband insists i stop for the evening, i sit and twiddle my hair which annoys him even more!!!!! I have to do something with my hands:hook ah i am obsessed i think:yes I am a designer of crochet patterns and i can't wait every morning to get up and get started again .... i do have the best job in the world So Hello:cheer
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