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    Married to a bus driver (i get regular update on city traffic lol)
    Mum to a two year old boy who keeps me going and is the light of my life and to one 4 legged fur baby called Maddi
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    Crochet, reading
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    Crochet pattern designer
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    baby projects
  1. Fiona--Shifio

    Betty bear pattern

    hello this is my first sale post in ages just to let you know we have a beautiful bear pattern up for sale http://www.shifio.co.uk/patterns/257.html has anyone made it yet?? would love to see the finished results Fiona
  2. sorry i hadn't realised the crochetville coupon had expired, i have now updated it and so you can use it again "VILLE" Thank you Fiona
  3. Fiona--Shifio

    Amanda Jane Dolly

    Hi there this the link for our free pattern for the Amanda Jane Pattern http://www.shifio.co.uk/free/amandajaneUSA.htm
  4. Hi i just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new pattern up it is called Wrap you in my heart shawl & pillow pattern you can buy here hope you all like it
  5. Hi everyone it has been awhile since we had a new crochet pattern so this is it rippled matinee set pattern#93 includes, jacket, shorts, bonnet & bootees please click her to see more photos and purchase
  6. Hi this is our new pattern fits 10-12" emmy and 14-16" doll hope you all like it
  7. HI all My Emmy Christening Set pattern is available. It comes with bonnet, mittens, bootees and dress.
  8. Fiona--Shifio

    Clown Suit for Baby

    Hi thank you all for all your lovely comments sure does make it all worth while thanks
  9. Fiona--Shifio

    Clown Suit for Baby

    Hi everyone i did say i had a few patterns back from the testers!! this is the last, for a short time anyway!! It is for the clown suit it is for 0-3 months( we do have for 10-12" & 14-16" on another pattern) Hope you all like it http://www.shifio.co.uk/crochet/clown57.htm
  10. Fiona--Shifio

    Double Breasted Jacket

    hi she is am ashton drake matthew, with a new wig, eyelashes and half the colour removed from his face!!! i just wanted to thank you all for all the wonderful comments on our pattern Thank You!!!!!!!
  11. Fiona--Shifio

    Double Breasted Jacket

    Hi I got a few patterns back quite close together from the tester This is for a double breasted jacket, tam hat and shoes again for 0-3months, 20-22" at the moment http://www.shifio.co.uk/crochet/jacket87.htm
  12. Fiona--Shifio

    New Scalloped dress pattern # 86

    Thank you all i really enjoyed putting it together and so did my tester she said that it was easy to do and no mistakes to yea!!!!!
  13. Hi i just wanted to share our newest pattern:clap it is for 0-3months 20-22" dolls at the moment hope you all like it you can find it at http://www.shifio.co.uk/crochet/scallop86.htm
  14. Fiona--Shifio

    Hello from SoCal

    Hello from scotland i have only been on here a short while but they all seem so nice Welcome!
  15. Fiona--Shifio

    Hi I'm New

    Hello from Inverness,scotland everyone is so nice and helpful on this board enjoy