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    Sizing hats

    Yes it does! Thanks so much!
  2. nokddng

    Sizing hats

    How do you figure out the size of hats for children..from infants and up? I've made a couple of winter hats for toddlers (kind of experimenting) but I'm always afraid they're not big enough. I've now had a couple requests from people who want to buy some of my hats and I'm kind of panicking now. Thanks!
  3. nokddng


    Thanks all! I knew I'd get a quick answer here.
  4. nokddng


    I have this baby (size for a 9 month old) sweater pattern that someone asked if I could make it into a size 5T. Does anyone know how I would go about this? I'm not even sure how big a 5T is. Next time I'm at Target or something I guess I could get an idea of the size. I figure I'll also need to use a bigger hook. Is there an easier way to convert?
  5. These are the best ever booties! I recently made them and they look great! When it comes to booties I'm really picky about the way they look and these are perfect! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Hi from the southeastern part of PA!
  7. I finally finished this sweater for my soon to be born nephew. It's not for a tiny baby..more for like 6-12 months I'd say. It has a zipper in the back so it'll be easier for someone to put it on him. This is the first time I tried the pattern out..it's a keeper. I got the pattern from doing a search on the internet specifically for a zipper in the back sweater. Someone had it on their blog..I think it's also posted on here somewhere. Thanks for looking.
  8. I really like my row counter. I use to make slash marks on a piece of paper but one day decided to just buy a counter. Looove it!
  9. AC Moore does have a nice selection of yarns. I think it's time for me to make a visit there this weekend. It's closer for me than Michaels..plus I've sworn off Michaels because their check out is so slow! I can't stand when a store has only 1 register open.
  10. My sis-in-law and bro-in-law are doing a robot theme for their soon to be born baby. Does anyone know where I could find a blanket pattern with a robot on it? I think this is kind of unusual and may have to make up my own pattern.
  11. I came across this yesterday and wish I would have seen it earlier. I doubt this magazine is available in the bookstore anymore. I've looked on the internet to see if I can buy the pattern but have had no luck. I guess I could contact the magazine to see about purchasing it. Anyone have any other ideas?
  12. Hello ~ I'm looking for a hooded baby/toddler sweater pattern where the zipper is sewn in the back. It goes from the bottom of the sweater all the way to the top of the hood. I remember seeing this pattern somewhere but now can't remember. Thanks so much! Edit: Nevermind..I did a search..which I guess I should have done first (lol..) http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=15737&highlight=sweater+zipper+back
  13. I find Joann's disappointing when it comes to yarns and other accessories you may need. I don't even bother going there for these kinds of things. They don't have a large selection and never seem to be fully stocked. It's the place I'll go when I need fabric or sewing items. I usually just go to AC Moore or Michaels.
  14. Love it! It is hard to find boy stuff. I think I may try this soon, a coworker just found out he's having a boy and I'm sure there will be a baby shower for him sometime this summer.
  15. I'm excited! I'm thinking ahead to Christmas with this. I glanced at the links you gave and it looks like it's well explained and easy. Thanks again!
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