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  1. Amy, I would love to participate, but sometimes have to work on weekends, so I am unfortunately not always available for the live chat on Saturday mornings. I hope the group is able to come up with some great ideas!
  2. Awesome! Good to know that one of us is going to have fun!!!!
  3. You know I wish I could be there! My shawl will just have to have fun without me!
  4. Hi all! If you are a CGOA member and are going to be attending the 2012 Chain Link in Manchester, won't you consider volunteering to wind yarn at the conference. I would like to have enough volunteers so that there are 2 people together in 2 hour slots. It was fun last year in Minneapolis, and was a great opportunity to pet all the yarns that come through! Please email me at: reneeATcrochetreneeDOTcom Thanks!
  5. If you are keeping up with my design challenge, "12 Shawls in 2012", I have uploaded May's shawl. You can get it here! Thanks!
  6. For those of you interested in my series, "12 Shawls in 2012", I uploaded March's shawl on the 1st. I have made the entire collection available as a ebook, for the price of only 10 patterns. Each shawl will be released on the first of the month. You can find the link for January's shawl here, February is here, and March can be found here. Enjoy and happy hooking!
  7. I have uploaded the February choice for my series, "12 Shawls in 2012". It is available here! Thanks for looking!
  8. Glad you like it! Today I listed the e-book at a price that is like buying 10 and getting 2 free!
  9. Hi everyone! I am designing 12 shawls for 2012. My first one, "New Beginnings" is available here . The pattern is an affordable $1.99, as they all will be. I have sold a few already and there are two projects already on Ravelry. I hope many of you will join me as I crochet my way through the year! I am working February's selection now, which I am thinking about calling, "Chocolate covered strawberries" after one of my favorite Valentine's Day treats!
  10. I posted a video here; "Interview with Karen Poulakos". If you watch it and leave a comment, you will be entered to win the mystery prize. Contest ends at 10 pm Central time TONIGHT!!! Hurry over and enter! Renee' :crocheting:hook:crocheting:hook:crocheting
  11. Come on, folks! One hour left til the giveaway! Go leave a comment to win!
  12. I am having another giveaway! Visit Crochet Renee's Facebook page, watch the video entitled, "Arkansas Fiberarts Extravaganza" and enter to win an AUTOGRAPHED copy of "Hooked for Life" by Mary Beth Temple. Contest ends at 10 p.m. Central time on Saturday, January 15th. There are only two people entered right now, so show up and enter and show Crochet Renee' and Mary Beth some love!
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