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  1. Thank you both! I looked yesterday and didn't find it.
  2. This was a free pattern from Annie's attic...I cannot find it there so thought I would ask if anyone knows where it is? Or if anyone here has it? Renaissance Beauty Doily (Dot Drake)
  3. I knit and crochet, I tend to crochet more though...there are so many beautiful patterns to get around to! I do know many knitters in the local group here who snub crochet but it is their loss. I do not understand why in the world it is an issue. I don't care, I will crochet sometimes at the knitting group and someone will always assume I don't know how to knit because I am crocheting. it is silly.
  4. purlygurl

    vee dub blankie

    Oh my gosh! I love this one! my hubby drove a VW when we were dating.
  5. very cute afghan, I love the colors!
  6. I would love to make one like that blanket What is the name of the leaf-stitch? or pattern name?
  7. I agree, a bookmark is a good start... I am really enjoying working with thread! I put it off way too long thinking that it was going to be tedious. It has been a joy to learn, and the thread color choices are more than I originally thought.
  8. Oh great! thanks, that looks like it will work with some adjusting!
  9. I bought some kewpie dolls at Hobby Lobby and wanted a dress pattern for the 8" doll. anyone know where I could find one? I have searched but could be overlooking something. I also bought the tiny size one and the mid size one.
  10. I usually use Peter Pan yarn or Dreambaby...they are both awesome yarns! I have to get them at my LYS, as they come from England.... But totally worth it. here is a link to a site that has it... http://www.nakedsheep.com/dreamdkyar.html
  11. Love it! I really like the oreo tape measure in your pics also!!!!
  12. thanks everyone! those are great ideas...I'll have to experiment!
  13. The pics are in my link... the pattern is from a Annie's Newsletter Sept-Oct 1989.
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