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  1. I'm in a crochet, knit, whatever group we meet every Tuesday at Panera Bread at 14 and John R. It's on 14 mile just before John R. We meet around 6:00 till 8:00 but come when you leave when you want. Were called the needle nags come join us.............:cheer
  2. I found you! The blanket looks beautiful, you did such a wonderful job. Your grandson is so cute, I just want to eat him up. See you Tuesday. TheRose
  3. Hi, I meet with a group of lady every Tuesday night 6:30-7:00 at Panera Bread on 14 and John R ( North east corner). That's in Troy. We do crochet, knit, cross stich just about everything. Anybody in the neighborhood can come and join us.
  4. There are a group of ladies that meet every Tuesday at 6:30 at Panera Bread at 14 mile and John R. in Troy. The east north corner of 14m mile. Anyone can come and join us all is welcome.
  5. Hi fellow Michigander, Well were finally staring to warming up here:clap. I'm kind of new to crochetville too. I'm from Royal Oak and I just joined a Crochet Club that meets in Madison Hights. Welcome and I hope you find crochetville very intersting like I have. TheRose:rose
  6. I can not believe it. I'v started getting a pain at the base of my left thumb. And it just started a week or two ago. I don't no why it started, but I'm hoping it goes away the way it showed up. I'm thinking it might be a strain so I'm not crocheting as much to let it rest. TheRose
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been crocheting forever at least it seem like it. I'm married and have two boys. I'm very new to forums so I'll just be checking things out for a bit. Thanks The Rose
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