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  1. That looks really cute. Potholders in holiday themes are something I keep meaning to try making, but just have not gotten to them yet.
  2. Just had to check this out with your title! Very nice job....
  3. I have to remember this for my oldest daughter. She would love it and I have not had the time to design any doll clothes for her. It looks great!!
  4. I showed off the tote earlier, but finally had time to make a second one to test the pattern. Library Tote
  5. I am not sure about the tulle, but I have a scrubbie a friend made with just nylon mesh that is looking pretty sorry at this point so it could be sacrificed. I may test what happens to it in the microwave as an experiment. If anyone else knows, please share.
  6. Since someone on another blog suggested it, I turned my flower coaster pattern into a tawashi scrubbie pattern. It is made with cotton yarn and nylon tulle, although you could use acrylic instead if you do not plan to use it to wash yourself.
  7. I hope so, since I would really like to make a few more for gifts since so many people here like it so much. (I only have enough yarn for one more....) I hope to whip out another one with the yarn I have left to test the pattern and then I will get a real pattern on my blog instead of just a general guideline. I am hoping I can get to it this week.
  8. Well, I had at least ten kid's books and my daughter's fm system (she is hard of hearing and needs the librarian to wear a mike system that attaches to her hearing aids to hear the stories well.) I have another library tote made with just regular worsted that still works well, but I did not make the handles thick enough so they hurt my hands when I stuff the bag full. I gave that one to my six year old to be her personal library bag. (She won't try to carry as many books herself as she tries to get me to put in my bag, so the handles should be fine for her.)
  9. I have it semi-written out now, so I will try to get my rough draft up on my site soon. I figure if you followed the directions with worsted, you would just get a smaller tote (which may be what I do to test the pattern since I am not sure I have enough Thick and Quick laying around to do it again.)
  10. That is very cute. I will have to remember plastic canvas; I need some structure to the bottom of a purse I am working on right now....
  11. Do you always seem to be making things for other people? I know I do. I decided to keep this library tote for myself: Library Tote
  12. Do you (or anyone else) know if acrylic scrubbies work well? I have been tempted by that pattern but kind of worried a bit about it taking too long to dry if it was worsted cotton. I usually use cotton for dishcloths and such, but was not sure about the double layer of the scrubbie staying damp and getting smelly.
  13. I have the centers of an entire afghan for my youngest daughter completed, but only two squares actually finished because of the ends. I am telling myself that I will finish it for her when she has a baby, lol. The funny thing is, now that I have been making up my own patterns, I have been doing thing with lots of color changes that makes for lots of ends....
  14. Reminds me of when my youngest was smaller and we had her wearing pilot caps all the time to keep her from taking out her hearing aids. When she stopped wearing the hats it took a while to get used to seeing her without them.... Laura http://lauraslefthook.wordpress.com http://lauraslefthook.etsy.com http://www.icraft.ca/lauras_left_hook
  15. That is just plain silly!! It made me grin, which is great!! Laura http://lauraslefthook.wordpress.com http://lauraslefthook.etsy.com http://www.icraft.ca/lauras_left_hook
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