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  1. that is a good idea Mary! This pattern isn't calling for me to do that but I will do that when I come across a pattern that does!!! Thank you!
  2. I move it as I go along. I'm making a hat. I've always used the join method when making a hat and this way i'm just doing a spiral (no joining).
  3. Thank you everyone! I'm really liking how I'm using the stitch marker on the last stitch of every row. It does make it easier for me to count! I love it. I don't think I'll ever make another hat with a slip stitch. This is so much prettier!
  4. Thank you! It doesn't say where to specifically put it. Its just so I don't get lost in the rounds. I'm making a hat. I really like this way better then the slip stitch and think I will make my patterns work list this from now on!
  5. I think I might have figured it out. I am guessing its just a personal preference. I put it on the last stitch I'm supposed to stitch in. I like that because I can count along and make sure my list stitch is the right number.
  6. I feel so stupid asking this but this is really the first time I've had to use a stitch marker. Where exactly do I place the stitch marker? Do I place it on the last stitch or the first stitch of the next round? Also where in the stitch do you place it where it won't be in the way. I'm using a safety pin. Is there somewhere online I can read about this and possibly see some pictures? I'm a very visual person.
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