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  1. I wish I could find a pattern for a hat like this! I want to make one so bad! I have been searching for a long time.
  2. http://static.knittingparadise.com/upload/2011/6/14/1308100119327-la851_small.jpg is this the leaflet? If so, I do not have it. Sorry
  3. can you post a picture of the cover? I may have it but I dont want to look through them all by number. I may recall if I see a picture of the cover.
  4. lol that is hilarious! Wish I had time to test it for you!
  5. Oh wow, those are amazingly gorgeous!
  6. There was a thread about this some time ago. It appears the website has something that is not allowed on c-ville that is why you cannot link to it here.
  7. I dont see a "spiral" in that blanket. It looks just like the Babette to me.
  8. While it doesn't look like a very cozy blanket, it is really gorgeous!
  9. I just set mine up the other day. I have nothing on there. LOL IDK what my username is?? OK, I think my username is NyreeRN
  10. I really hate winding my yarn into a ball b/c it always rolls all over the place when I am using it. I obviously have never tried the center pull method but I may now.
  11. Wow, if my child gave me back all the stuff I crocheted for her, I would be heartbroken.
  12. I think it is cool that women still wear the veils to Mass. Around here, I never see that.
  13. That picture does not give enough detail to be able to tell what it is.
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