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  1. I wish I could find a pattern for a hat like this! I want to make one so bad! I have been searching for a long time.
  2. http://static.knittingparadise.com/upload/2011/6/14/1308100119327-la851_small.jpg is this the leaflet? If so, I do not have it. Sorry
  3. can you post a picture of the cover? I may have it but I dont want to look through them all by number. I may recall if I see a picture of the cover.
  4. lol that is hilarious! Wish I had time to test it for you!
  5. There was a thread about this some time ago. It appears the website has something that is not allowed on c-ville that is why you cannot link to it here.
  6. I dont see a "spiral" in that blanket. It looks just like the Babette to me.
  7. While it doesn't look like a very cozy blanket, it is really gorgeous!
  8. I just set mine up the other day. I have nothing on there. LOL IDK what my username is?? OK, I think my username is NyreeRN
  9. I really hate winding my yarn into a ball b/c it always rolls all over the place when I am using it. I obviously have never tried the center pull method but I may now.
  10. You know they ones that were popular in the 60s or 70s. My searches all come up with these wierd looking round hats with funny flower petal brims/bills. I am looking for the COWBOY style hat, with slightly rolled sides. Heck, if anyone has an actual hat that they would be willing to part with, I may want to talk.
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=390209473849 Here is one on Ebay.
  12. Wow, if my child gave me back all the stuff I crocheted for her, I would be heartbroken.
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