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    new mom, new crocheter
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    crochet, tv, baby stuff, gaming
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    no favs yet, still exploring
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    november 2007
  1. hello from the west coast and welcome! are you from eastern canada?
  2. i keep some in a plastic laundry tub beside the couch (gasp!) some in a diaper box on the bookshelf and a jumbled up messy plastic moving box in the basement. i do have pretty little cases for all my crochet hooks though.
  3. oh, then i think that's what the problem is. use the 'customize' link at the top right choose: add page element choose: html/javascript this is where you need to paste the html code into your blog. let me know if this isn't the solution and what the error code is telling you
  4. i've seen both of these and they are great! i love the life like one and am waiting for the pattern to become available. perhaps i'll just make a carrot pattern that i have and put eyes, ears, feet and a tail on it?
  5. did you add the html/javascript feature to the blog first?
  6. great! i knew that's what the problem was! i'm happy that i could help.
  7. hi, depending on what email program you use it is most likely ending up in the bulk/junk folder. i use statcounter for the counter, very easy to use and to install. try to clear cache and cookies as well on the computer. sometimes when they get too full they try to load up outdated info. need more live help with this stuff...you can contact me on skype: chefhades or msn chefhades@yahoo.ca . used to work for an online company troublshooting issues with people. hope this helps!
  8. haven't seen it yet, but welcome to the forum. i'm fairly new to the forum and to crocheting as well. this is a great place. there's so much to explore and stuff for everyone! have fun.
  9. some people get carried away when it comes to ebay, believe me, they'll buy anything if it's listed in the right way. she hyped that auction to the limits! and adding on the extra two skeins? that sealed the deal. looks like a good seller though from the feedback. i'd buy something from them if i needed it (not for $90 though!) although, she doesn't ship to canada, which irritates me.
  10. haha, you sound like my mom. she won't have anything to do with rats whatsoever! she wouldn't even touch a rat tail when i had them as pets way back when!
  11. it's the year of the rat and i made the mistake of offering to crochet something for the new baby due next month. they said a rat and i've been on the search since. does anyone have a free rat pattern? i'm sure that i can throw something together, but an existing pattern would probably look like a rat instead of a ball of yarn.
  12. oh Clare! the pooch is great! super cute.
  13. that elephant is great! way to go! another amigurumi addiction begins...
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