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  1. This has a huge "wow" factor! I'm so impressed. Lovely work and I'm sure it will be treasured.
  2. The pattern is called "the Golden Child" from Candy Crochet. It doesn't call for a lining...I just tried it since it's for a winter baby. I do believe it can be adjusted for a larger size...It's pretty basic and really the yarn is what gives it a different look. The aviator hat that goes with this completes the set.
  3. This is a pattern from Candy Jensen...I've done several of these, but I put a lining in this one. I'm very happy with the results. Berroco Suede, Berroco Plush for the yarn. Size 6 months
  4. Awesome tutorial...I was just looking through my crochet books for this very item...thanks a bunch!
  5. This is awesome! I may just go purchase that pattern. Nice job.
  6. Love this!!! I'm a big fan of Knit Picks Comfy. It comes in worsted and bulky.
  7. This came out great! I just love the skirt. Now I'm off to search for that pattern....
  8. Honestly, don't these just make you smile? Pattern by hookcandy.com, I used 3.75 hook becaue my e hook is missing in action so my guage was a little bigger than intended.They came out about 6mos size. I used Cotton-Ease. Now I can't wait for the shower!
  9. I would choose CottonEase in green and brown colors. It's soft and baby friendly. Caron Spa is also an excellent choice. Another option for an upgrade would be knitpicks comfy or shine. They both come in sport and worsted weight. You can order a color card from them also. I'm going through a similar dilema since I have a grandaughter on the way! I'm so use to boys and darker colors...now I have to actually use pink....I don't own a single strand. OMG......
  10. This is amazing! Beautiful work of art. Well done!
  11. I think these are "very cool!"
  12. Thank you all. I'm encouraged with the color change. I'm going to attempt to make the whole afghan, but reduce the motifs to 12 instead of 15. It's time consuming, but not difficult at all and I love the way it came out. I just hope it doesn't turn into a two year project like my Spanish Tiles ghan!
  13. Perfectly elegant design. This came out great. What a wonderful wedding gift!
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