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  1. You did a great job. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Donna
  2. I guess my first mistake was thinking I needed to go to You Tube to find a video to find out what the M1 was. I should have read the pattern more thoroughly. Donna
  3. But how do you M1 in the first stitch? All the stitches are on the left needle. Do you K the first stitch and then do the M1?? Thanks, Donna
  4. I am confused about the instructions below: Here is the link http://www.colouritgreen.co.uk/heartcloth.htm Here is the part I'm confused about. c/o 1 stitch. K1 M1 K1 M1 K to end repeat row 3 until you have 36 stitches A. Isn't the M1 the same as knit the first st and then just YO to increase? B. How can you M1 in the first stitch? I watched a video showing how to do it but the video starts in the middle of the row. C. In the video it showed picking up the yarn between 2 sts, placing it on the left needle, and knitting through the back and then the person purled the next st for some reason. Is the purling after a M1 required to do a M1? D. Am I over thinking this????? Thanks, Donna
  5. I put them back up on the blog. I'll leave them up until I figure out if I'm going to do one post per square so that CPC can put them up individually.
  6. I think it is extremely pretty and yes this yarn is rough on the hands to work with. Donna
  7. I love your colors! WTG! Donna
  8. Wish I could do Tunisian crochet. The hook gets so heavy with a big project that my wrists hurt. You did a great job! Donna
  9. So very pretty and you did a great job. Hope these are good friends to get these wonderful gifts. Donna
  10. Great colors. Really pretty! Donna
  11. You have definately come to the right place. Tons of information and advice here. You're sure to find lots of new friends. Donna
  12. Check out crochetpatterncentral They possibly would have the pattern you're looking for? Donna
  13. Nice to meet you and so glad you have found us. Lots of great information and tons of nice people with lots of advice. WELCOME and happy crocheting! Donna
  14. I'm sitting here trying to figure out what color is camo. Is it camoflage? Donna
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