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  1. I noticed it at 2am at work and just thought it had not come up yet. Now I see it's still not on. I hope they don't do away with the Pattern of the Day.
  2. Thank you for sharing this pattern. The color possibilities are endless to match any holiday or special occasion. Beautiful!!
  3. I have to agree with slowcrocheter. We have many dogs. We breed labrador Retrievers. When we have a litter, we always tell, the new owners particularly children & teenagers, "Put your stuff away...High!!". My labs have done more than their share to remind me "I didn't put it high enough". Happily they have outgrown their chewing stages. The Poodle was originally used as a gundog & retriever of waterfowl way back when. Maybe that little tiny instinct came out for the moment. She went looking to retrieve that piece of candy. Glad you can replace the lining. I too would have been heartbroken if she ate the purse also. It was probably the candy in the pocket that she smelled and wanted it. It was probably a one time thing.
  4. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I think I'd like to try this.
  5. Hi Everyone, I would like to join in too. I always wait until the last minute with my gifts. Maybe this will keep me focused. Thanks,
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