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  1. Wow they are all very,very beautiful!!!!.....Everyone will make such a fuss!!!!
  2. That's so pretty!!!!...:cheerI have been on a crocodile stitch kick lately...Love the stitch!
  3. Thanks everyone:)..Here is the pattern. http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/other/crocodile-stitch-baby-blanket/24962
  4. Thanks guys:)...I never tried this stitch before either but it was something different and I liked how it turned out.
  5. Thank you everyone:)....It is a good stash buster and didn't take me that long to do once you get the hang of it its quite easy and works up fast!..I have decided to not go with a border it actually doesn't need one and looks so nice and very strait on its own.
  6. Thank you everyone:)...It is very thick and warm and does require alot of yarn!!!
  7. Thank you so much Paula...I hear you about the too many WIPS!!!...It's really fun to learn:)
  8. Thank you:)...I love this stitch too its different and so pretty!!
  9. I so love this stitch....It took me a few trys to get the hang of it after that it was quite easy...I am still trying to figure out if I should put a border on it but kinda like it the way it is...)))
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