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  1. I am wanting to find a FREE pattern for this. Any ideas? links? thanks!
  2. looks great! what pattern did you use?
  3. so precious! You know, I've never thought of just holding 2 finer weight yarns with a bigger hook. NICE!
  4. nikimcn

    back loops only?

    I'm working on a simple ribbed scarf and it only entails SC the whole scarf, however it says 'work in back loops only', but it says this after the first row of initial SC's. It states "ch1" and then it states "sc in back loops only". does this mean that it's the back loops AFTER you turn? or is it when you turn that's considered 'the back' and it's actually the front loops? lol. I'm so confused! i read WAYYY more into a pattern than I need to huH? lol:(
  5. I have seen here and there about in blogland that some own yarn winders. you know, winding your prewound yarns into a nice ball. what are the pros and cons to this? and what kind is best to buy?
  6. nikimcn

    my progress

    here's my granny stripe progress: http://www.butternutstreet.blogspot.com
  7. i want to start making a bunch of granny squares but have never attached them together. i'm kind of worried how it is going to end up. i wonder if you could tell me how the join as you go method works?
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