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  1. I also watch TV! I might pause it while I figure out a complicated pattern (and I usually have to talk to myself) but once I get it, I can watch and crochet at the same time. In fact, I don't like to watch TV unless I'm doing something else like crocheting, playing a computer game, or eating. Oh and I always bring a small crochet project on trips whether it be by plane or car. I get lots of compliments waiting at the gate in the airport!
  2. Thanks for the pattern!!! I actually just put a post on Facebook asking if anyone wanted a potholder or dishrag and I got no takers. I think if I just make some and give them to people, other people will see it and want one. For those of you who store your yarn in a closed plastic bin, I've stored some clothes in closed plastic bins before and they always end up with a weird smell. Do you get that with the yarn or how do you avoid it?
  3. I asked the question a while ago about how to store small scraps (thanks for all the replies btw!) and now I'm wondering what y'all do with all your large scraps like whole skiens of yarn. My problem is that on one project I underestimate the amount of yarn I'll need and on the next one I overestimate. So I have a whole lot of yarn from finished projects. I used to just throw them in these big pink fabric bins and when that was pretty full, I put some in my coat closet. I just finished a project and I decided it was time to do a scrap project and it turns out, I'm way over due! I thought I might be over buying yarn since I might have the color already but I didn't want to go through my bins. I bought three clear bins so that I could see what yarn I have and organize it a bit more and it turns out that I have WAY more yarn than I anticipated!!!! I was planning on doing just one scrapghan but I bet when my Aunts see it, they will want one too. At least that's what I'm hoping for because I have a mountain of yarn!!!! So back to the question, what kind of storage do you use? Plastic? Metal? And where do you store it? In a closet or some other hidden place?
  4. I've tried the tunisian stitch and I don't like it because it's difficult to fix mistakes. It really won't work for the large size of blankets I make because I can't get 150 loops to stay on the hook.
  5. I attached (I think) an example of the lettering I'm talking about
  6. I want to make my Dad a Vikings blanket for his birthday/father's day but I'm having trouble figuring out the pattern I want to use. So far, I know I want it to be a graphghan and I want him to be able to use it on the couch so I don't want it to be too wide. I would use the pattern on Donna's Crochet Shoppe but it's 240x240 and the last one I did with those dimensions covered my Aunt and Uncle's king size bed. So that one is much too big. Plus, I like to do graphs with single crochet so my columns are not straight so I don't want to use too complicated of a pattern so it will look good. I am thinking I would use the old style lettering instead of the new script. I am also thinking of turning it so that you would read the word Vikings if you turn the blanket on it's side. I also want to incorporate the horns somehow but I'm not sure what design would look good. I probably could make the horns by themselves as appliques and sew them on. But where would I do that? Any ideas? Suggestions? I actually asked for design help on a Vikings fan site but they don't understand crochet enough. They keep telling me to do the logo (the norseman) but I keep telling them it's too complicated and intricate so it won't look good.
  7. You know, I think people like homemade stuff so much, they don't mind if it's a little off. In fact, he might like it more because it's not perfect. Btw, I think it turned out great!
  8. My first ripple was the first blanket I did so it didn't turn out the best either. I also started it really tight and when people told me I was doing it too tight, I loosened up and my blanket ended up being a trapezoid instead of the intended rectangle. I messed up the edges as well because the pattern I thought I was following wasn't actually a pattern but an explanation of how ripples work. So my edges ended up being little ripples themselves. What I did to fix it is I had my Grandma (who was a seamstress) sew matching ribbon to cover up the edges. Does that make sense? When you have hills and valleys not lining up, it's because your count is off somewhere. I used to try to find the source of the mistake and fix it but that takes a long time. Since noone really sees the mistakes, I'll skip an extra space in the valley or add an extra space if that's what I need to do to fix it. So now you're probably wondering, how do I know if I made a mistake? Your increase stitches at the top of your hill should be in the same spot everytime. For instance the one I'm working on now calls for two double chains, a chain, and then two double chains all in the same stitch. I know that each one of those 2dc, ch, 2dc should always be in the ch part of the row below. If it's not, I rip to the valley, add or take away spaces, and redo it to the hill. Did that make sense?
  9. You can go to this website http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/hearts.php and see example of patterns of bigger hearts. That's what I would do...
  10. Ziplocks it is! Steelerlady, it's ironic that you answer this post because the reason for the scraps is the Steeler's blanket I'm working on! I am making the logo and I just finished the part in the middle that says Steelers.
  11. I am working on a humongous graphghan and I just finished a part where I had to make a bunch of little balls of yarn. I made each ball too big to make sure I had enough yarn for that section. Now that I've completed that part, I've got a whole bunch of small scraps. I'm sure I'll make use of the scraps later but for now, I need a good way of storing them - particularly for travel. Should I rolls each bit of the same color into one ball? If not, how to I get each bit to stay together without falling apart until I'm ready to use it? What would you do? I have about 30 pieces of black and white yarn ranging from a few inches to a few yards in size.
  12. Yes! Fabulous idea!!! I was thinking of crocheting snowmen appliques but cotton balls will work great! How do I stick them on? I think a trip to the dollar store is in order...
  13. Oh that's a great idea! It'll be a while before I finish it though. I'm planning on saving it for an airplane ride I have coming up.
  14. Thanks for all the replies!!!! I didn't think anyone had replied since I didn't get an e-mail saying there was a reply! I guess I didn't hit that button! What's it for? Well I had heard of the ugly sweater contest but I didn't think it would work for my family since a lot of them love they're "beautiful" Christmas sweaters from the 80's and the temp will prolly be in the 80's since the party will be in San Antonio. So instead, my cousin came up with the idea of an ugly scarf game where anyone who says the word Christmas or something has to wear the scarf. Although, I do have an Aunt that even though I'll do my best to make the thing hideous, I bet she'll like it. I've already bought some red yarn as a base and some green beads. I think I might have some left over red fun fur from a scarf I made for my Aunt. I love all the ideas!!! So what kind of appliques would you consider the ugliest and how to you make 'em? I love the off color idea too! Speaking of color, what colors do you think I can use and have it still be Christmasy? I'm thinking the more colors, the more ugg. I looked at jingle bells but all the ones I saw had small attachment holes. Like, I think only thread could fit through. Does anyone know or where I can get bells that I can get worsted weights yarn through? I'm not really a seamstress... I think I might make a hat too for the kiddos to play against themselves. Thanks again for all the response!!!
  15. Anyone know of a pattern for an ugly Christmas scarf? If not, I think from what I've seen on http://whatnottocrochet.wordpress.com/ the ways to make a crocheted something to be really ugly is to: 1. Use as many colors as possible (I'm limited to Christmas colors here) 2. Use LOTS of fun fur 3. Have fringe, braids, beads sticking out everywhere 4. Circles and granny squares. Does anyone else have any other ideas to ug it up?
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